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  • MD Editorial

    In the editor's overview in the new MD the topic is about forums on drum manufacturers' Web sites. He states, "... it only takes a few rotten apples to destroy the true purpose of a forum and totally disrupt the proceedings with meaningless dialog."

    I know this isn't the "official" Roland page, but do you think he could be talking about us? I mean come one... "meaningless dialog"? Here?

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    Absolutely not. I visit a few drum forums and this one is by far the tamest, most civil, low-key group of mumbling drummers that I have come across. In fact there is so much polite talk about amps, effects, mic's and soldering irons in here that if it weren't for the "I love Neil Peart" threads I would think it were a guitar forum.

    Check out the archives at the Evans board (where I post as Navin R. Johnson). There are some certifiable nut cases there!! Several members of that site have threatened bodily harm to others. And on several different occasions the forum was derailed by people who flooded the board (literally hundreds of posts!) with their own agenda--which lead to hundreds of posts opposed to their agenda...uuugggghhh.

    So why do I visit that cesspool? There is a lot of activity there; there are some knowledgeable drummers there and every once in a while guys like Bermuda Schwartz or Billy Ward show up (although I think Bermuda finally gave up). Plus some of messages are hilarious (DaveH and Baz put Dave Barry to shame).

    I have no idea if that was the forum that Ron S had in mind but it sure would be a likely candidate.

    Evans Forum
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      I have been to other various forums and I agree, this is a very tame one. Other then the usual"Neil Peart" jokes or other intentional (but in fun) humor, I think everyone does a nice job here. I've learned allot just by listening to alot of people on this website. Very knowledgable people.


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        I think this is a great board. The posts are generally polite, insightful, even witty (aside from most of mine). I've learned a lot from it and I hope I've been able to provide a little help of my own. I really enjoy reading the posts each day and look forward to seeing what will come up, next.


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          Originally posted by kv968
          ... do you think he could be talking about us? I mean come one... "meaningless dialog"? Here?
          Looks like we're well on our way there, IF we continue with all this NP diatribe! -