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heating studio space suggestions

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  • heating studio space suggestions

    I have a purpose built studio at the bottom of the garden which I use for practicing with my band and also some light recording and I love spending time down there.

    However, it gets pretty cold even though the structure is very well insulated.

    I have been running a 2kw air blower and this takes the edge off the cold and after a while practicing witha few people in the room it is ok.

    I would like to get a system that I could perhaps leave on a timer and keep the chill off the instruments.

    Any suggestions for the cheapest system to run.

    Is it worth investing in an inverter system or should I stick to a small radiant heater. If so, which is the cheapest to buy, run, and best at heating.

    Advice appreciated


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    congrats on the studio..
    imho, i would look at ceramic heaters, oil filled convector heaters are powerhungry, -i used a 2000 w ceramic heater
    (w fan) for a space of 7 x 3 meters-, (i think it was on 1500w setting) digital timers aren't too expensive nowadays..
    ofcourse, if you have money, some inverter airco's can also heat- this is talking three figures- but with running a heater
    for a few years, i don't know which would be best..

    ps. a lot of new stuff on this front though, http://www.amazon.com/Eco-heater-602.../dp/B00185XISW
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