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triggering problems with Roland TD8

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  • triggering problems with Roland TD8

    When I play each drum individually ( snare, kick,and high hat) they all trigger and show on display.However,when I play all three together,on the display only the kick and high hat show,and the snare does not trigger and sound each time,it is triggering intermitant.
    Can anybody help I am new to this,and pulling my hair out.
    Thank you.

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    Reduce CROSSTALK (Cancel) for the snare at SETUP, TRIG (F1), ADVNCD (F2) to 20 or OFF.

    Increasing the “CROSSTALK” value may cause a different problem when playing two pads simultaneously, as the pad receiving the weaker hit may fail to respond. So be careful and set this parameter to the minimum value required to prevent such crosstalk. With a setting of “OFF,” crosstalk prevention does not function. (TD-8 manual, Page 133.)



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      hi brucethanks for your reply,i will try that, ime out of my comfort zone with the roland (not good with manuals )any more help would be welcome. ricky.


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        Bruce hit the nail on my head. I used to have triggering problems between my hi-hat and cross like that but then I realised my hi-hat and crash had crosstalk up to high. Granted it was a different module but as far as I know that is a universal fix for that problem on any module.