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OK GUYS! Lend me your ears.

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  • OK GUYS! Lend me your ears.

    Hi guys!
    Dropped buy 'cause I wanna get your thoughts on this record that'll be out in the new year. Band is called "DAVE" www.myspace.com/thebandthatisdave
    The Jman had a liss, so thought it only fair to open the flood gates for all of those that might be interested

    I used all eeee's on the project with a 70's gretch kit sound.
    Let me know. I can take it

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    i've listened a while back, but maybe it wasn't a medley then,
    don't know anymore..
    the influences are there alright, Tubes, Zappa, Floyd, Bowie
    i hear them,
    i always listen to quality of playing before quality of 'samples'
    and in your case it's great, it's as pro as it gets..
    (i know you are since the 80's) hope it'll be a seller..
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      Sounds pretty good.
      On launching the page, first 5 seconds play thens stops. Hitting the play button plays the first 5 seconds again then stops. Clicking on the actual song title then launches the song again, plays to @ 1:15 the skips to 1:50 and shuts down at @ 2:25.
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        Sounds a little 80's to me( Marillion) but you guys are talented.
        Good luck to you.
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          It sounds nice and tight, but the vocals are so buried that I find myself straining to listen. And that is bad news, 'cause it makes me tense.

          The drums sound fantastic.

          I can definitely hear your influences, without it being derivative. Good job there.

          And this may sound weird, but I love your singer because he doesn't lose his British accent when he sings. To many British singers sound like Americans when they sing. (And don't get me started about American singers with fake British accents)


          • #6
            Awesome, I kept expecting Steve Hackett to come out of the beginning of the second one. I love it; Floyd, Marillion and Steve Hacket all in one - doesn't get much better than that in my opinion. How about letting the guitarist loose occasionally? (on a leash of course)

            Just my humble opinion

            Keep it going


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              I like it. Definitely has many old school influences. I actually hear a Crimson-Bozzio thing going on in there. (Bozzio meaning many of the things he did around mid 80's like UK, MP, etc.) However, I think the overall music asks for a little different production in my opinion. I think the drums in particular are too 80's pop rock ballad to fit with the rest. They're not far from where they need to be. It works for a couple of the things, but not everything. The snare is just a little to mushy IMO. Sometimes the mix across the kit creates a loss of the floor toms.
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              • #8
                Many thanks guys
                Always good to get feedback on projects undertaken.
                The general opinion seems to be really positive. I'll pass it on to the boys.
                It's their first record and I felt like a father figure