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Trick Pro 1-V Detonator on the way

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  • Trick Pro 1-V Detonator on the way

    So I bought an Iron Cobra Double pedal back in 2000. It's a decent pedal, but recently I feel as if the pedal is holding me back. The adjustments are somewhat hard to work with and no matter what I do it seems like it's more work to kick the left than the right pedal. Also over time the pedal broke in various places. Most recently I snapped a mallet rod in half (cheap for replacements). After some serious thinking I've decided it's time to upgrade. I read a lot of great things about the Trick pedal. I wish I could have test drove it, but no place around me had it in stock. So I should have it by Monday. Pretty frigging stoked too. Is anyone here using it with your E-Kit? If so what do you think?
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    Yes, love mine! You might prefer a beefier beater on it, though; I'm using a DW. Peterbeater on this forum also has Tricks and has been happy with them. Maybe he'll chime in.



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