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Australians and Europeans! help!

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  • Australians and Europeans! help!

    I didn't really know where to post this so forgive me if it's a bit off topic

    I want a dvd set real bad but unfortunately, they don't sell them in north america because it wasn't mainly aired on this side of the pond. it's called Flying Heavy Metal and it's a documentary about aviation history presented by my favourite singer/frontman, Bruce ****inson of Iron Maiden.

    I'll probably have to give discovery a call because since I know how to read, I was able to find that discovery has some copyrights on the dvd... anyway

    If you could provide me with price and region for the dvd it'd be great. I want it new please.



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    only thing found here is a torrent but i am sure you're not looking for that
    i will call back Steve Harris to give me Bruce's number to sent u a copy
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      Yeah, dunno about dvd's but there's a torrent on mininova (www.mininova.org) for Flying Heavy Metal with Brucie. Five episodes. Worth a look if you don't have it at all. AVI files are easy to burn to dvd. Amazon only have the book, no dvd or vhs so maybe it hasn't had a release yet.


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        Its cool you know how to read
        chris :D


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          I downloaded the torrent long time ago but the image quality isn't good.

          if there was someone in australia who would buy the dvd, rip it with dvd shrink and burn it as ntsc (region free too), I'd cover the cost for the entire dvd as well as shipping.
          futureshop and bestbuy don't sell any region free pal/ntsc dvd players.

          I'd buy an australian dvd player but it probably doesn't have the same electrical plug and I don't want to be stuck with a dvd I can't read because the adapter broke and it's discontinued or w/e.

          also, I don't think my ps3 is region free so no luck with that