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TD-20 Brain Messed Up....Hardware or software problem?

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  • TD-20 Brain Messed Up....Hardware or software problem?

    hello. I own a roland td-20 kit. The brain works but many times it will freeze or when placed on certian kits it will make weird noises to were I have to reset it. Sometimes on startup no sounds will come out. Basically it acts screwy. Does anyone if this is a commong problem and if it could be most likely software of hardware related? I would like tosee if I can fix myself before I send it to roland. Ive tried setting to default and the problems obviously keep occuring.

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    Hate to say it, but this sounds like a messed up module. Do you start playing before the module is fully booted up. This can cause problems. Hardware? Software? Impossible to say without further investigation. A factory reset is the only thing you can do. If that doesn't fix it, you'll have to send it in. Sorry...


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      Yea, I think there was someone else with this symptom sometime in the last year or so that ended up having to send it to Roland to have the board replaced. Sorry, I don't know what to search for on that one.
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        I would call Roland and explain the problem. They may end up fixing it for free if they know it's a problem that affects a lot of TD20s. You may be without your module for a few weeks, but that's not too bad if they decide to fix your unit for free.

        Good luck. Let us know what they say if you call them.
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          i don't know if i've just been unbelievably lucky or just got a really good td-20, but in almost 3 yrs. of gigging 50 weekends a yr. i have yet to have a problem with my module or pads... the rack... i'd like to roast some quality meat over it with bear grylls. if ya get my drift? i'd call roland. talk to someone there that sounds competent.(not always the case, ime) and i wouldn't take a lot of ****. explain your situation thoroughly, tell them you need your module fixed asap. my two cents.
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