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Must be Eric's turn for a headline today?

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  • Must be Eric's turn for a headline today?

    Former Cream bassist Jack Bruce has described Led Zeppelin as "crap".

    Ginger Baker threatens to get his kit off in court



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    he he, you gatta love those old media seeking rock hoars. anyone remember when rod stewart and elton john were going at it in the 80's. rod was saying that elton looked more like a banker than a rock singer and elton was saying that stewart was washed up and never had a voice anyway. ahhh fun for the whole family.


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      Man. Just read that article!

      Thanks, BarT!

      Is it possible to NOT love Ginger Baker?
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        Wow... this dude is seriously damaged.

        -Check out the last portion of this page... Chris Cornnel.. Unbelievable.. the band DIE aleady. They were awesome... now they're gone!

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          Was she hot?


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            Is it my turn?


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              Originally posted by Fig Newton
              Was she hot?
              Ginger's "assets handler"?

              I'd say so, and 46 years his junior too:

              Assistant skimmed cream from my account, says ageing rocker

              Sounds like he's jumping right back into the fire with his new 27 year old, Kudzai Machokoto.



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                I think the best advice for all budding rock stars here is to enjoy the groupies but hire a smart, honest and UGLY accountant to take care of your cash.
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                  Originally posted by BarT
                  Ms. Balbricker and Porky's come to mind.

                  Can't believe this movie was not nominated for an Oscar.
                  chris :D


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                    Its all about interpretation and feel.

                    Whether its a guitarist / drummer whatever, they will lay it down as they feel it and this is what gives one guy the edge over another.

                    If both played to a track, the feels would be totally different.

                    Who's to say who's better or worse.

                    I like Clapton cause he plays what I feel, but I would'nt say Page was crap because of this. No Way.

                    Depending on the track, I may think Page did it better.

                    Thats what musics all about.


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                      Unfortunately I didn't get to read anyof these yet as work is blocking the site (I read it when I get home), but Jack Bruce saying Zep is crap? Hmmm, I guess when you are in the running for the "Best Blues Based Rock Bassist Award" against John Paul Jones, you have to resort to mudslinging. Personally, as much as Jack Bruce was an influence on me, I have to go with John Paul Jones in this category.
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