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FREEZE! Don't anybody move, or ...

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  • FREEZE! Don't anybody move, or ...

    ... no one's getting outta here alive!

    This is pulled from the "On The Fence ..." post. The discussion was pro-acoustic and had migrated to acoustic brands, respective quality, "tuned shells", over-pricing, etc. I suppose I was guilty of taking it off on that tangent because very few people nowadays endorse the old giants like Ludwig, Slingerland, Gretsch, etc. Seems that the signs of the times have given way to the "most bang for the buck" mentality and the old greats are just not coming thru on their good stuff. So after much contemplation I felt compelled to post the following and for "some reason" that thread seems to have slowed to a halt with only 2 (Harlock & plasma) directly addressing this. And I really would like alot more 'experts' to comment. (or is it that plasma's garbage-can remark sums it all up for us? ) Thnx, -Marc. :

    Originally posted by Marc. :
    OK - So I was born yesterday and there's been some very interesting discussion BUT ...

    Tell me, after all is said and done, what am I really hearing in a performance? All past topics glorifying the need for sound processing. SO, what is the bottomline? Seems to me with all the virtues extolled to outboard gear, the final analysis is at the audience level. Are they actually hearing birch, maple, plastic, steel? In the end, don't the marvels of electronics make a ho-hum acoustic kit sound killer? If true, is vanity the prime-mover for surrounding ourselves with the beauty of these beasts?

    Missed the boat,

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    washed up dude.....

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha................ ....



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      Originally posted by c. jude
      Marc, your question is rather complicated.
      Hey Chris, thnx for the reply. It really helped me sort things out as to what I may do in the future. I'll definitely file this one. I did not know it was a complicated question. It must explain why this thread had no responses. I did not intend it to be complicated, I'm just ignorant of certain things and it was the only way I could think of putting it. If I don't ask I won't learn. Again, thnx.

      take care,