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  • Plug your website!

    deus62 gave me an idea to start a thread to see everyone's websites. Especialy if they deal with music and/or drumming it'd be really cool to see.

    Even I put a url on my vdrum posts, but it's not my personal page. My personal site is and you can also sign up as a member if you want. But you'll gain little

    Anyone else want to plug thier stuphs?

    Gabe Kangas
    DM5, D4, PD80R, CY-15, CY-6, Visu-lite Ride, DauZ's, Random Pintech stuff, BBE 362.

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    Re: Well,...

    Non drum related


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      Very touching story about how you grew up with drums and how you've left and rejoined them!

      It's always nice to hear the personal story behind people and the love for thier instruments.

      Glad you "opened up" to the world with your story, thanks!

      I read your resume.. I work with Maxim Group/TEKsystems right now in Chicago... at least until i don't have to anymore

      Gabe Kangas
      DM5, D4, PD80R, CY-15, CY-6, Visu-lite Ride, DauZ's, Random Pintech stuff, BBE 362.


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        Maybe you already know this, maybe you don't. If you click on members there is a column called homepage that lists the site that we have all put into our profiles. I spent a good bit of time perusing that column several days ago.

        My band website embarrasses me, so I haven't posted it before. Our guitarist's girlfriend designed it and it's so cute it makes me want to puke. Just to show I am a good sport I will post it embarrassment or not.
        I'm so ashamed.


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          See, if I would had just browsed the urls in the members section I wouldn't had gotten that great behind-the-scenes commentary!


          PS: Cute bird
          Gabe Kangas
          DM5, D4, PD80R, CY-15, CY-6, Visu-lite Ride, DauZ's, Random Pintech stuff, BBE 362.


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            If you would have looked through those URLs you wouldn't have even gotten that website. This is the first time I've ever posted it.


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              Six Cats!
              Immensely powerful yet with a liquid cat-quick elegance


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                I have a crappy Web site that includes several short sound files of me playing drums. It ain't pretty:
                Check out my music:


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                  Hi Reali-ty,

                  thanks for picking up the idea.

                  Since your thread is at the top now, I might as well add some info on my site here ( ).

                  The site is based on Rick Ellis's program (there's also a very, very good free version available!) pmachine ( ), which uses PHP and MySQL to help you put together a weblog / several weblogs.

                  I've always toyed around with the idea of setting up my own site (I have quite a lot of other sites online) but needed a program which would help me update the site without too many problems.

                  This is what I want to /am going to do with the site:

                  a) I have a rather large CD collection which is growing constantly (about 1500 to 2000 at the moment). I want to review some of the stuff which I really like, or maybe introduce people to things they never even heard of.

                  b) I'm gonna be posting lots of stuff about my Vdrums kit ... plus more. The only thing I'm still (!) waiting for are digital images, which will probably be taken next week.

                  c) I read a hell of a lot, I surf the Net, I do lots of stuff ... all of which I'm somehow going to work in there.

                  d) Parts of my site are meant for alumni of the school I attended way back when (an International school) and who are now spread around the globe.

                  e) All in all, the site is also meant to help me keep in touch with people. I'm getting so much mail that I simply can't answer each and every letter anymore. The site helps me keep the little spare time I have, as paradoxical as that might sound.

                  Keep on posting, guys and gals, I'll be checking out the sites.

                  My equipment:
                  :: (Expanded, TDW-1 with V-Cymbal Control)
                  :: 2x CY-15R, 1x CY12H, 2 CY12R/C
                  :: 1x Pad-120, 8x Pad-80R, 6x PD-7, 1x PD-9, 1x KD-120
                  :: 1x FD-7
                  :: 1x Roland MDS-10, 6x Sonor Delite double cymbal stands
                  :: 1x DW 5000 Pedal
                  :: 1x Mackie 1202 VLZ
                  :: 1x NAD C521 CD-Player

                  To be expanded soon ...


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                    I use a similar setup, but with postnuke.. because it's free Also uses php and mysql.

                    I've had a few versions of personal sites that were all custom made, but it's gotten old. And for the amount of people that frequent my site, it's not worth it
                    Gabe Kangas
                    DM5, D4, PD80R, CY-15, CY-6, Visu-lite Ride, DauZ's, Random Pintech stuff, BBE 362.



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                      Not really my own web site, but we do have one for our band.


                      Also, we have four song in the top twenty on May not mean too much, but we're happy with it. Please check it out !!


                      The song "Friends Like These" even has a small drum solo


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                        My bands website is . Sorry about the pop ups but it's free hosting.



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                          Ranman, you have a very beautiful site, but I can't read all the words since it is white on black background.

                          But again: very nice site


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                            Re: Plug your website!

                            My main site is:


                            But you guys already knew that!
                            Kelly Mercer
                            Halifax, Nova Scotia

                            My Youtube Channel!

                            My "home studio" webcam!