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    Hey all
    I've been away for a while... probably busy, but I guess it's also because sometimes I couldn't help feeling that we were going through the same topics over and over, in different forms eventually.
    What I'm going to talk about now is probably not brand new information, but I just feel like sharing it with the only fellow drummers I have right now.
    I have been playing Vdrums for 3 solid years ... and by that I mean ONLY Vdrums, no other kit. I have been exploring sounds, playing things never played by drummers before. I have played (live) Drum and bass, breakbeat, hip hop, even hardcore techno and german micro house. I was playing with machines, and I was happy with that.
    I have always known that Vdrums would never replace actual drums, and I never wanted them to either. It has always been a different perspective, like 2 different instruments.
    2 days ago, I was with this clarinet and double bass player. We played some improvised fast swing thing ( on the Vs)... What I felt then, I just couldnt describe it... I mean last year at techno parties, when I was making 1000 people jump with my kick, I thought the thrill wouldnt get any better. Vdrums give you power, because they're still a very mysterious and surprising instrument, especially for an audience who expects them to sound like drums. But THAT was nothing compared to what I felt 2 days ago. Suddenly everything made sense. These people even felt that my drumming was "different", that it had been altered by 3 years of electro playing style... but they loved it.
    I now have my old yamaha kit in the room. I'm practising theory books I had finished 3 years ago all over again, I'm buying new parts, and I'm even considering drum lessons again, because I want THAT back.
    Now where will that decision take me, I dont know. What I know is Im never quitting As nor Vs anymore. I have a jazz funk gig with these musicians in about 2 weeks, and I'm really looking forward to it now. Just imagine playing alone for 3 years, then suddenly meeting someone your level... I'm also playing live sound effects in a friend's play this week with Vdrums, and people are loving that even more now. That's about it ... feeling much better now. Thanks for reading my pile of crap.
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    It's a beautiful thing...

    Man, that sums it all up. This is why I never get the either/or mentality of acoustics or electronics these days. Don't choose; just jump into whatever feels good, and satisfy different parts of your musical self with each.

    You don't build an entire house with just a hammer, or just a saw. Use different tools for different applications/jobs and enjoy them all.

    Life is good.

    Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life.


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      right on.................peace.
      -i can levitate birds and no one cares-----------V-CONCERT,CY12H-CY15R/SPD-20-XP-60 V-STUDIO 1824CD,DAUZ PADS,NO RYTHYM AND MISC.CRAP 9"HART SPLASH/AKAI S5000/ASSLOAD OF SAMPLES


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        Re: It's a beautiful thing...

        Originally posted by fartnokker
        Use different tools for different applications/jobs and enjoy them all.
        Agree. As long as you can afford them all. And are able to play in situations where you can use them all. For instance: on festivals where more than 1 band plays and where you need to do a quick change of stage equipment without a real sound check.

        Acoustic drums, without a sound check? Mmmmmmm....
        E-drums? Without all the playing possibilities of a real kit? Mmmmm....