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Where can I get soft, foam for . . . .

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  • Where can I get soft, foam for . . . .

    protecting my kit when it's packed away for transporting?

    I want something to put in between and around my PD 120's.



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    Hi, you didn't say which country you live in but if u punch foam into your web browser lots of companies arise.

    Here's one in the UK that will cut to shape so u could have all your gear slotted in firmly. http://www.foamcut2size.co.uk/

    Here's another, it's cheap and affordable http://www.efoam.co.uk/foamshapes.ht...FSI7EAoduBZy0w
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      Any upholstery shop will sort you out with foam of any density to suit your preferences.

      To be honest I thought that was altogether far too much hassle so I went to a sports shop and bought a couple of neoprene exercise mats made of a low-ish density 10mm neoprene in an amusingly foppish shade of lilac. I cut off a couple of bits for the bottom of two 84L Really Useful Boxes and cut the rest in half lengthways and zig-zagged it to make pockets for pads and cymbals to sit comfortably and safely in. I'll get pics as soon as I can.

      In the meantime there's a pic of my old kit packed in something exactly similar (but with a black mat instead of lilac) here

      It's not terribly sophisticated and you wouldn't want to take it on a plane or anything, but if you're just chucking them in the back of the car it's just the ticket.


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        Wal-mart also sells cheap foam mattress pads that you can cut up to your liking.


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          Foam Padding

          BTW - I used a few sets of the interlocking exercise pads (****s Sporting Goods) to make an inexpensive floor pad for my TD-12S. The rubber encased tiles did a great job of protecting the floor as well as keeping my kick pad from jumping about.


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            I had a bunch of never used carpet padding that I cut up into pieces and it works great.