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Roland vs Hart

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  • Roland vs Hart

    I've never played the Hart drums. Am in the market for another e-set. Never been crazy about Roland's rubber cymbals. The Hart's look better.

    Any comments, pro or con?
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    It all depends on what you consider "better." Cheaper prices and more authentic looks? Hart wins. Dual-zone crashes? Roland wins. Etc., etc.

    Hit the search and you'll find plenty of discussions of pros and cons between Roland and Hart.

    Both make quality equipment, so it will ultimately come down to your own personal preferences.
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      What VD said.

      Search in here and personal preference. *Tons* of discussion on the characteristics of each.

      I would normally say UTFSE but I'm getting a rep.

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        Keep calling me "VD" and I'll get a rep, too!

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          Originally posted by jauburn View Post
          The Hart's look better.

          Any comments, pro or con?

          That's why I ultimately went with Hart...and they are somewhat less expensive. But the look...dang I love them.
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            This is all personal preference. I truly like both Hart and Roland gear.

            All I can say is my Harts were cheaper and for me look better than the other kits I looked at. I have always been into Chrome drums so that was a selling point for me.
            I really prefer the Hart rack and hardware. I love the metal cymbals as well. My kit does not really look like an electric kit and everyone that I have jammed with since I got them has really liked them.

            I got the TD-20 module so they trigger just fine on my HH and ride. I am unsure I care about dual zone crashes, to me a crash is a cymbal I hit it and move on but you may be different.

            IMHO I think Hart and Roland are equal in triggering (except the dual zone crashes) and quality so it really comes down to looks and price.


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              A question for Hart/Roland users: how would you describe the feel of the cymbals? I like my TD-9KX but don't like the feel of the cymbals. Like hitting a thick piece of rubber with a piece of wood (which basically is what you're doing). Do the Harts have a lighter, more metallic feel?

              BTW: If I could, I would try them out, but there seem to be no dealers in The Netherlands who have them in stock or even sell them. It seems I have to order them from Germany, but are reluctant to do without being able to try them.


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                Well they do hit a bit harder since they are metal. The best I can say to describe them is they are like hitting a normal heavy cymbal with a cheap thin mouse pad glued to it. ii

                The ride is fine and plays like a normal thick heavy ride. The bell is fine, it is actually a small raised piece of metal in the center. It triggers fine.

                The crashes sway okay and I hit them about the same as normal ones. No real difference except maybe a "bit" harder surface feel when swooshing. You can hear a thud if the amp is low.

                The HH is where personal preference really comes in. It is a hard surface and does make a nice thud when hit. If the volume on the amp is loud enough you don't even notice it. If the volume is low you will hear it. It is as hard, maybe a bit harder, in feel as a real HH. I got used to it really fast though.

                I do wish I could make this a bit quieter but that is about the only change overall I would make. I should not complain though as they ARE two heavy metal cymbals riveted together so a thud is to be expected! ii

                They do play and trigger wonderfully, especially with the TDW-20. They really are like A HH's now! ii

                I hope that helps but it is hard to explain.
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                  More two cents worth:

                  Like FB, I own a Hart ride and HH. Unlike FB, I still use an older module (exp TD10) so the Hart HH isn't used to its fullest.

                  However, it feels like an acoustic HH. Well, up to a point. The damn thing is heavy and has a solidness that throws me for a huge loop on those rare occasions I sit down with an acoustic HH.

                  The ride is about as acoustic ride-like as you can get.

                  The crashes? I assume you're talking about the newer metal ones. They're gonna be similar to the Smarts and if you don't mount em on cymbal springs, they feel just like acoustic cymbals.

                  And yes, the nicer Roland cymbals (TD12/14) or my Yammie equivalents (PCY-130S) don't feel terribly acoustic. That's undoubtedly another "personal preference" factor folks should take into consideration when buying a particular brand of cymbal.

                  Also, can't you order them from Flurbs in the UK? Take a gamble on one, buy it and see how it feels. You can always resell it, generally at close to what you paid for it new. Think of it like demo-ing skis: the price difference is what you're paying to demo the cymbal.

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                    Thanks Paladin and Grog for your replies, really appreciate it. Well, I might have to take a chance and just order one to try.

                    The only thing is that in The Netherlands there isn't such a great market for e-drums and therefore the buying and selling of used stuff is also lame. I visited the popular Dutch site Marktplaats.nl (kind of like e-bay) several times but haven't seen any used Hart cymbals for sale yet. Otherwise I probably would have bought a used one to try.

                    Well, we'll see how much GAS I'll get. It might be sooner than I had in mind, because I'm having triggering problems with my CY-5 again (no triggering from time to time when hitting soft). I had it a couple of months ago, then all was fine for a while and know it's starting again. I think it's rather soon for a 6 months old pad which isn't used 24/7.


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                        BTW you will amazed how heavy the Hart metal cymbals are. Especially the ride and HH.
                        I pulled them out the box and did a grunt not expecting that.... ii

                        Personally I like them this way as they feel very "beefy"... I feel like I can bang the crap out of them and not worry about it. ii