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Another Case Solution for Travel

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  • Another Case Solution for Travel

    If you haven't read:

    by Dkaps, start with that. It's a great idea for storing/transporting your drum components.

    The Stanley case in that thread isn't something I've seen everywhere--you can purchase them online but they run around $100.

    I was in Lowes the other day and saw this;

    It doesn't have the telescoping arm the way the Stanley case does. The sides aren't made of the same stronger plastic as the Stanley. The Stanley is a "50 gal" case, this one "45 gal". The dimensions are similar:

    Stanley: 23H, 37L, 23W
    Rubbermaid: 21H, 42L, 20W

    The cost difference is significant: The Rubbermaid case is $30.

    The main drawback to either case is the ability to put that in a vehicle. I guess one advantage of many smaller cases (or just having the equipment out in pieces) is the ability to pigeonhole it in various spots.

    I'm gonna get one of these Rubbermaid cases and see how much it'll hold (I'll take pictures) and have it'll fit in the back of my Explorer or Forrester. And the weight issue.

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    This is what I had found some time back... it holds everything but the throne and rack. About $50.00

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      I've been toting my gear in plastic storage boxes for years. The latest solution is pads in one 84L (22 US gallon) "Really Useful Box", cymbals and brain in another, hardware (including throne) in a third, KD120 and an otherwise homeless PD-85 in a slightly different but similarly sized box. Lots of boxes, but each is small enough and light enough to be carried by one person. Here they are packed.

      (edited to add URL for boxes)
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        I borrowed SKB cases from my friend for my acoustic kit, and had 8 cases altogether. 2 kick drum cases, 4 tom cases, 1 snare case, and 1 for cymbals. I still had to haul all my hardware individually plus pedals, throne, etc. It was a horrible experience. I bit the bullet 3 months ago and dropped $1,800 on custom Calzone Cases to hold all my drums! I think less cases are better. 2 cases for all of em!!! 1 for both kicks and cymbals, another for my 4 toms, snare, and all hardware/throne/pedals.

        They'll be here next week, I'll take pics when they come in, oh man I can't wait!!!
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          Plywood rules for me. I have just started making a series of cases, I have one build to store all my hardware, I call it my coffin about 2 feet wide and 4.5 feet high. It came out a little bit big but I wanted to be able to leave as much of my hardware built as possible so for example my hi-hat stand fits easily if I just tuck the legs up. I lined it with my old lounge carpet (my parents love me for nicking off with the carpet )

          Works a dream but has to be on wheels as its to heavy for two people to carry over large distances.

          I am going to build one purely for pads next and then one for cymbals. I have the wood etc its just a matter of finding the time. Hope this gives some inspiration to quit being ripped off with buying stuff and make it! lols