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Quiet playing

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  • Quiet playing

    OK - Here's my first post that's not shamelessly pandering for knowledge and tips.....

    I was screwing around with the threshold settings and realized that you could use this adjustment to practice playing quietly. Try turning up the threshold on the pads so that soft playing does not trigger the brain. Any stroke over the threshold will be heard as a sampled sound and you will be reminded to pull back. Good when you have a quiet acoustic gig coming up and you need to ratchet down a notch.

    Just a thought!

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    That's a great idea. You can practice playing quietly and be reminded subtly when you go over a pre-determined volume.

    I used to work in a small club as the house sound engineer. There were countless times when I would think, "Wow. The band is really tight and comprised of top-notch players. If only the drummer would play more softly, I could make them sound really good!"

    One of the signs of a professional drummer is one who can play quickly and with expression, but NOT loudly.

    I think you have found an excellent way to use an e-drums feature in a way that was most likely unintended.
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      Yes, agree. A lot of times especially in smaller clubs the drums are to loud, even without mics. And also doesn´t sound too good.
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        Using an SPD-S you could have a kit with voice samples like "Nope!", "Too Hard!", "Quiter please", "Heard that one", "Easier there Conan!"...
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          Or have it trigger a Taser when you go over the level.
          You'll quiet down your playing REAL fast.