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What's your favorite drum songs?

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  • What's your favorite drum songs?

    Don't overthink this.

    Songs that are your favorites for drums. Not necessarily the most difficult, but make you go 'Wow!' or are just a lot of fun to play.

    I'll start, but I'm leaving any songs by Rush off my list b/c there are too many to choose from.

    Just off the top of my head (in no particular order)

    - - - The Who 'Bargain' I know Keith Moon never played a song the same way twice, but he nailed this one.

    - - - Deep Purple 'Burn' Ian Paice does fills throughout the verses! Fast AND clean!

    - - - Alice Cooper 'Billion Dollar Babies' Very non-typical for a rock song. Catchy drum pattern at the beginning. Neal Smith is underrated.

    - - - Grand Funk Railroad 'Walk Like A Man' I dare you to cover this one! This song will wear you out. Don Brewer was/is an amazing drummer.

    - - - The Knack 'My Sharona' Honestly, I don't care for the song, BUT it is fun to play!

    - - - Led Zeppelin 'Rock and Roll' C'mon. I had to get something by Bonham!

    - - - The Who 'Won't Get Fooled Again' Keith Moon again. Seems like he's flying around the drums the whole time.

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    The songs I currently enjoy playing the most with my coverband are:
    --- One, by U2 & Mary J. Blige, (mainly due to the intensity build-up)
    --- Like The Way I Do, by Melissa Etheridge
    --- You Oughta Know, by Alanis Morisette

    This list is by no means exclusive....


    • #3
      i would also add

      Highway star-Ian Paice (and the others...).Amazing fills !!
      Hallowed be thy name-Maiden (mcBrain )
      behind blue eyes-moon for ever !!

      and of course i agree about peart (anything from rush)
      Ex E-kits:
      ''Lernean Hydra'' ( a bounche of roland pads with a td-6 module)
      ''Lucy'' (Diamond electronic drums with a td-12 module)
      current E-kit
      ''Cherry Gretschy Lady'' (Gretsch Catalina Ash 6 piece A to E kit-Roland td20 module-A to E cymbals)

      " Mrs.Catalina'' (Gretsch Catalina maple 6 piece kit-Paiste signature+Masterwork custom made cymbals)

      check out a few videos http://www.youtube.com/user/hampisdrums


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        I know it is a given but Tom Sawyer by Rush has always been a good one for drummers. I always wanted to learn to play it but have not as yet. I cannot keep up those 16th HH notes ii

        Hell any Rush song really. ii

        I also love most anything by Tool. Danny is a nut!
        I also like Portnoy, he plays stuff that makes me go holy sh&^!!

        But you asked for a song so I will say Tom Sawyer! ii


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          Songs I really enjoy playing recently...

          All the Small Things - Blink 182
          Girl all the Bad Boys Want - Bowling for Soup
          The Anthem - Good Charlotte
          Faint - Linkin Park
          Dirty Little Secret - All-American Rejects
          Crazy ***** - Buck Cherry
          Magic Carpet Ride - Crystal Method
          Photograph - Def Leppard
          Fat Lip - Sum 41

          I only WISH I could play songs like Limelight & Tom Sawyer.
          This is what I aspire to, and once I achieve that, I'll truly be happy.

          Currently learning songs by a couple of local bands Tupelo Honey & Theory of a Deadman. Both bands are very active on the local scene and are awesome live. The drum parts are very challenging and teach me new things every time I attempt to play them. TOAD is currently touring through the U.S. Mid-west, and if you get the chance to see them play, don't miss it.

          Sabre's Album


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            Down And Out - Genesis


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              a long list, but near the top an oldie

              Sandy Nelson - Let There Be Drums

              some other personal favs:
              Billion Dollar Babies - Alice Cooper
              Can't Get Enough - Bad Company
              American Band - Grand Funk
              Smoke, Space Truckin' - Deep Purple
              Get Ready - Rare Earth version

              .... and a long list beyond these

              and the jukebox plays..... !! (the Nails - Home of the Brave )

              E-set : TDW-20, 2 up & 2 down, VH-12, 6 cymbals (5 CY14, 1 CY15), 2 Pintech Dingbats all on a Gibraltar rack, thru a Simmons DA200S
              VExpressions Gigging Kits & Top 50 Drummers #1

              A-set : 1968 Ludwig Hollywood in Burgundy Sparkle


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                Another good thread Biff - I'll go for the "fun to play" option,

                Lunar Sea - Camel
                Siberian Khatru - Yes
                Since I've Been Lovin' You - Led Zep
                City of Tiny Lights - Frank Zappa
                Kashmir - Led Zep
                Any Kind of Pain - Frank Zappa
                Moonlight Shadow - Mike Oldfield
                Roundabout - Yes
                All in a Mouse's Night - Genesis

                That's about an hour and I'm warmed up and worn out :-)


                • #9
                  - 80% + of rush's discography
                  (the next songs aren't hard but they're a lot of fun to play)

                  - Hallowed be thy Name (played by Nicko) - Iron Maiden
                  - Afraid - Motley Crue
                  - This Dying Soul - Dream Theater
                  - Under a Glass Moon - Dream Theater


                  • #10
                    Just to jam/practice with, I enjoy:

                    The Wild & The Young- Quiet Riot
                    No More Tears- Ozzy
                    Land of Confusion-Phil Collins/Disturbed
                    Anything ZZ Top
                    Smoke on the Water, My Woman from Tokyo- Deep Purple


                    • #11
                      Definitely agree with Hercules re All in a Mouse's Night - also love Dance on a Volcano by Genesis.

                      Other faves to jam to (an eclectic mix):

                      Everything She Needs - UK (Danger Money) (Terry Bozzio)
                      Total Amnesia - Voyager (obscure UK band) (John Marter)
                      Between The Worlds - Be Bop Deluxe (Futurama) (Simon Fox)
                      No, No, No & Demon's Eye - (Fireball) Deep Purple
                      Hot Water - Level 42 (Phil Gould)


                      • #12
                        Mine would include everything Sabre has, plus...

                        Metalingus - Alter Bridge
                        Perry Mason - Ozzy Osbourne
                        Walk - Pantera
                        No More Tears - Black Label Society (Cover of Ozzy Osbourne)
                        The Great Escape - Boys Love Girls
                        Everything - Buckcherry
                        Bawitdaba - Kid Rock
                        Low - Flo Rida


                        • #13
                          Mine would have to be switchfoot and some others but dont feel like listing them...


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                            Originally posted by Grazza View Post
                            Hot Water - Level 42 (Phil Gould)
                            Grazza, I'm so happy you mention Level 42. I am a HUGE fan and have always thought they never got enough respect in the U.S.
                            They are great musicians that only seem to be recognized here for a couple of pop tunes.


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                              Originally posted by Colquhoun View Post
                              Grazza, I'm so happy you mention Level 42. I am a HUGE fan and have always thought they never got enough respect in the U.S.
                              They are great musicians that only seem to be recognized here for a couple of pop tunes.
                              Yes, it seems fashionable to rubbish them, but Phil Gould is one of the greats - superb technically with a killer groove, but never flashy - and combined with Mark King's bass, it was an awesome rhythm section. Saw them live around '83.