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Beat Bug?

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  • Beat Bug?

    During difficult tunes I sometimes play to a click (I actually can't hear the click but I watch the little digital metronome waving back and forth...)

    However I was looking at this Beat Bug thing that supposedly has a sensor that you attach to your snare and it tells you what tempo you're playing at. It sounds pretty cool but I'm not sure how it would do with e-drums. It seems more natural than playing to a click.

    Anybody have any experience with the "Beat Bug" or anything similar?

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    i've used a beat bug with an acoustic snare and liked it a lot. you don't have that click in your ear all night. only thing is, if you need to be real precise with specific tempos from the getgo of the tune, this won't help. but it did help me pay more attention to locking in a more consistent tempo night after night. i would think it would work with a reasonably tight tension of a mesh head. i don't know about other types of pads. i'd try contacting the company and asking.
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      Since those units have sensor inputs, I would consider splitting the out from your snare and run one side to the module and one side to the beat bug.

      I play to a click track live, but I have to synch with sequencers and video. If you are just gauging yourself, the beat bug looks like a neat idea.


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        The Beat Bug has evolved and the latest version is called a Tempo Ref. I have used it with the mesh head and it works great. Works the same as if it was on a drum head. The one I have can act as a metronome to start a song off with, you can tap it to find a tempo or as a tempo monitor.

        Here's the link to the two versions. http://www.temporef.com/temporef.htm

        I am not affiliated with them but have been verry happy with this product.

        I used the original Beat Bug when they first came out. They were really bulky but the new one is very small, light weight and works great for showing know it all guitarists who really is keeping the tempo.
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          You can also go to http://www.drumperfect.com and they sell a product called the groove
          guide. It works the same as a beat bug and I have had mine for a bout 6 or 7 years now. I use it all the time with the TD20 and there is no need to attach it to the head although I am sure that can work as well. Just run the direct out from the snare output into the input on the groove guide and you are good to go. If running all the individual outs to the board you can split the snare signal to send to the individual outs and either the left or right main by itself and run it from the main out to the groove guide.
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