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RUSH Concert at Jones Beach

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  • RUSH Concert at Jones Beach

    Well I just got back from seeing rush at jones beach tonight. Of course they were amazing and peart was unbelievable, they all were.

    Here are the answers to a few questions that have been floating around here. Here is a description of peart's equip, taken from the program I bought: ""The drums are made by DW, with a custom red sparkle finish-same as the last tour.(DW offered to build me a new set, but these ones still sounded great, so I decided to keep them.)

    The bass drum is 22", toms are 8", 10", 12", 13", 15"(two), 16", and 18". The current favorite snare is a 5" * 14" DW Craviatto, and Im also using a 13" DW piccolo snare, miscellaneous LP cowbels, and DW pedals and hardware.

    Out back, and hidden all around, are Roland V-drums and triggerpads, accompanying the Kat mallet controller and shark pedals, all feeding into Roland td-10 modules with expansion cards, Roland 5080 sampler, line mixer, and midi converters.(I have no idea what any of that means)
    Drum heads are remo white coated Ambassadors and cymbals are avedis zildjian-8" splash, 2-10" splashes, 13" high hats, 14" x-hats, 2-16" crashes, 18" crash, 20" crash, 22" ride, 20" low china, and an 18" chinese Wuhan.(the sort of thing I understand better-you just hit them with sticks. Promark 747 "signature" ones, in this case.)""

    Peart used the v-drums for red sector A, which sounded really good. He also used the v kit in the middle of his mind blowing drum solo. I heard alot of familiar td-10 sounds such as:meat kick drum(during the drum solo), timbale and alot of others that I just cant remember the names of. His v-cymbal crash sounds must have been triggering a sampler because they sounded too good. He also showed off the choking capability of the cy-14 v cymbals.

    Overall the show was an extremely energetic and powerful performance. All three of these guys are truly masters of their instruments.

    PS I was sitting in the front left orchestra section. about 14 rows back. 10 min before the show started, I was sitting in my seat and I looked up and saw Mike Portnoy and his wife come out from behind the stage and walk to some seats front and center. He was immediately noticed and recognized by hundreds of screaming dream theater fans such as myself.

    im shot, time for bed.

    -Drumlogic, V-session, Visulite/roland cymbals, (2)Mackie srm-450's, bbe 482 sonic maximizer,

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    you da man dawg............as they say somewhere.i'm not an o.g. heh.
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      The Vs sounded horrible at both the shows I attended (Virginia Beach and Manassas). However, maybe that was due to the house sound. Neil's DWs sounded AWESOME!!!

      Thanks for the report. That pic in the program of Neil's drums is pretty sweet.



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        All Right! Another Neil thread! Can we ever have enough?


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          That is not the one I was thinking of. There is a more "overhead" type shot in the tour program that is nice to gaze at for long periods of time.



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            Holy Crap. My throat is sore as a [something that is sore]. I think I lost my voice the second Tom Sawyer started, I was screaming so loud!

            The V's did a good job during Red Sector A and the drum solo, but they could have been a bit louder. Must have been the PA. The v-cymbals were awesome however; they cut right through.
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              Originally posted by Harlock

              Just looking to put in that other tourbook picture!
              No arm done
              Definately no harm done!!! Any picture of Neil and an awesome drumset is right by me!!! :-)




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