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I'm Ready!!! Advice?

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  • I'm Ready!!! Advice?

    Hey all,

    This is the week!

    This is the week I wish to place my order that will get me going in world of the Vs. After careful consideration, here is what I will be ordering:

    Extra Cy-6 (with mount)
    PD-120 for snare.
    possibly pd-7 for HH or maybe a CY-12H
    *maybe* a KD-120

    So, while I HAVE read all the old threads on "where to buy," most of them are older. Anybody have some good recommendations on "where to buy" that are current as of mid-July 2002?

    I am considering Mid-West Percussion and Drumbalaya, can anyone offer advise as to why I SHOULD NOT go with these companies?



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    Thanks for the feedback.

    If Ed can get me a V-club for that price, I would go with him 100%. I am trying to call his office now as he takes trade ins and I have a pristine SDP-20 to deal with.

    I am looking at a throne and perhaps even double pedals with midwest.

    I think I agree about the CY-12H after everything I have read and would probably do well with the PD-6 that comes with the V-club or even a PD-7 (which gives me the dual triggering and is cheaper).

    I do think the PD-120 is a good buy and might possibly get a KD-120 as well.

    Thanks again,



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      Originally posted by JeffVA

      If Ed can get me a V-club for that price, I would go with him 100%. I am trying to call his office now as he takes trade ins and I have a pristine SDP-20 to deal with.


      Does Drumbalya offer the complete V-Club kit? I'm familiar with their web site but have only seen individual V-Club components listed rather than the entire kit. Ed and his company have received many positive comments from members of this forum, so hopefully he can help you out. If not, you may want to consider contacting Dwight at www.bpmmusic.com. He offers some great prices on Roland gear and his customer service has been frequently praised on this board.

      Roland TD-12, Pearl DRX-1 tom and snare pads, Roland PD-8 pads for cymbals, DW pedals and stands, Pearl and Gibraltar hardware


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        Thanks for the input.

        Ed offers bits and pieces of Roland, but that does not seem to be his main thing. While Ed could have gotten me a Vclub, he was honest and straightforward in admitting that a better price could be had elsewhere. I had pretty much settled on Roland drums, so Ed did not push the kits he sells on me too hard, which was nice. Ed and Charlotte's service have been outstanding so far and I have picked up many of my components above and beyond the V-club from them today. Ed also gave me a fair trade-in price for my SPD-20 and my PDS-15 stand.

        I went with Mid-west for the V-club itself ($,1079).

        I got a KD-80 from West Palm Beach Music (www.musiciansbuy.com) so I guess I have a KD-7 to unload now.

        I only went with places that definately had things in stock.

        Thank you all for your input during this analysis process over the last 2 months. I am expecting my gear this week and will definately check back in when I am a VDrummer and not a "potential" VDrummer.

        I let Ed know that I found him through this board, which he of course was not surprised by.

        counting the days now,



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          Don't forget our friend Erik at Sepdrums.com
          Music was my first love...