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New drummer with questions

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  • New drummer with questions

    Hello all,

    I used to drum when I was a kid, but like what happens to many people, others interests came up and drums got put on the backburner. Over here in Iraq I got introduced to Rock Band by some buddies and now I have the drum itch again. Obviously the toy drum kit is crap, I had to put new upgraded heads on and I set up a dual bass pedal. I think I play fairly decent, I can get five gold stars on most songs expert.
    Now I want to kick it up a notch and get some real drums. At first I thought of getting a full acoustic kit. Obviously an acoustic kit has many pro's and con's. I won't get into what they are since you all obviously know them. Then I saw some videos of the Roland TD-20. Electric drums have sure come a long way and they look superb. I understand you can get a full TD-20 kit, with a snare drum stand, bass pedals(s) and a hi-hat stand for around $7000 out the door? That would be about the most I would want to spend.
    My question would be; do any other manufacturers besides Roland make electronic drum kit's around this price range that are of the quality of the TD-20's? Or is the TD-20 pretty much one stop shopping? I also plan on purchasing a dual bass pedal setup. Is the Tama Iron Cobra still a real good bass kit?

    Thanks in advance for any input.

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    Welcome here! Anybody correct me if I'm wrong, but Roland is the main manufacturer of v-drums and the TD-20 is the top of the line of their products. So, it doesn't get better than that, right?

    Another way would be to use a PC, good soft drums and use pads through midi to trigger the sounds. That depends on what you want for a setup of course.


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      Originally posted by Vega View Post
      do any other manufacturers besides Roland make electronic drum kit's around this price range that are of the quality of the TD-20's?
      You may also want to consider a Roland TD-20 module with a Hart Pro 6.4 kit:

      >>>See my E-kit here<<<

      >>>See my A-kit here<<<


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        I didn't go quite that high up the module ladder...I went with a TD-12 and Pintech drums/cymbals/Gibraltar rack.........I spent quite a bit less than $7k

        You'll find fans of other gear makers on the forum!

        At this point the TD-20 is the top of the heap.

        Good luck!

        TD-12/Gibraltar rack/Pintech Concertcast drums 12" snare, 1 12" tom, 2 10" toms, 8" mesh kick, Visulite cymbals, 14" dual zone crash, 13" hi-hat, 18" 3 zone ride and 2 Dingbats, Roland PM-10, iPod, Zildjian anti-vibe sticks, Roc-N-Soc throne with backrest, Yamaha snare stand, Tama Iron Cobra pedal and HH75W hi-hat stand, Sennheiser HDR 110 wireless headphones. V-expressions 80's and 90's Giggin' Kits and Both Top 50 drummers (hopefully functional soon)


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          Welcome to the forum.

          As owner of a TD20 I always say go for it when someone asks. The way I figure it, if you can throw down for it without putting yourself in debt or depriving your family, then do it. You can't get better, and things are only going to improve with the introduction of the expansion card. It will hold its value for many years, and you can't get closer to the feel of acoustic drums with any other kit.

          The Iron Cobra is still one of the favorites.

          BTW, are you serving in the military? If so, thanks for your service to our country and the people of Iraq!


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            Hi Vega

            I'm based in Kuwait and you can get the TD20 there (it's where I got mine from). If you need any local help with names of places to get it from I can help you there but hardware is RARE - anything decent you'd be better getting from home, we've got a real lack of any decent extra's here in Q8. I don't know how long you're in the sandpit for but if you're going to buy a kit and want to play it regularly you might want to think about buying your hardware in advance unless Iraq's got decent music shops which I somehow doubt. Hope you're enjoying Ramadan!

            Alaykum Salaam!