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My case solution for a V-Session kit

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  • My case solution for a V-Session kit

    Here's what I do...I purchased a Stanley tool chest for Home Depot for about $70.

    I lined the inside with some 1/2" foam to protect pads and cymbals.

    Here's the pads, cymbals, snare stand, and throne stand inside the case.

    Now I put the throne seat inside, upside down.

    I place a carpet strip that I use under the kit when on hard surfaces on everything. Then the kick pad, its legs, and the Hi-hat pedal goes on top of that.

    Finally, another square of foam goes on the kick pad to protect the front.

    I have the rack legs marked with two stickers so that I can unfold it to the same width each time.

    The rack folds up with all cables and cymbal/pad holders not being moved. My kick pedals go it their case and I put the module, sticks, and various things in a laptop bag.

    The tool case that holds most everything rolls relatively easy but is pretty heavy for a single person to lift. I can pick it up myself and put it in my vehicle and take it back out but I can't carry it for any distance. With two guys, it can be carried though (that's what the other band members are for)
    I go from completely set up to everything ready to be moved in 6 minutes.
    DIY converted Ludwig Epic acoustic to E-Kit
    Surge, Yamaha, Roland, and AtoE cymbals

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    I am going through the same situation right now [trying to case the kit].

    A couple things come to mind....

    What model is that Stanley chest? I checked both Home Depot and Lowes in my town and they don't have them that big. eBay didn't have them either.

    Also, I don't like stacking the drums unprotected. Especially the way your CY12H cymbal is poking the head of the drum next to it. I would have to put something in between them. However, that seriously reduces the amount of usable space.

    Very nice. I'm off the Home Depot to pick up some light ballasts. I'll take another look.

    Thanks for sharing.


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      Here it is:

      About the CY12H touching the tom pad, the base of the CY12H is smooth plastic and does not compress the pad head at all. It's about a perfect fit in my case (pun intended). I'm pretty picky too about not marring equipment and I feel fine about how everything sits in there.
      DIY converted Ludwig Epic acoustic to E-Kit
      Surge, Yamaha, Roland, and AtoE cymbals

      Roland TD-10 module
      Superior Drummer/Addictive Drums combo


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        NICE WORK !!!!! Maybe something between the toms ? Anyway GREAT idea !!!
        Eric G: Pearl,Paiste,Remo,Vic Firth,Gibraltar,Roc-n-Soc,Roland TD-6V, Lots of Vex and mesh all around.


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          I've been carting my set around for years in a big Igloo ice chest. The toms are fine up against each other - its rubber gasket against rubber gasket. The cymbals are rubber too - no problems.

          I orient my toms 90 degrees differently in my case - they run to the short side, not the long side of my case. I wedge them in using a rubber cymbal - that way they don't roll around.

          I like the built in wheels of the tool kit, though - smart!
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            This is one of the best "tips" posts I've seen.

            FYI: I can't find these online in any Home Despot or Lowes, it seems they don't carry them. However, you can find them online for around $100.

            One potential issue for me is the fact I'm using Hart Accupads and I don't take the mounting arm off (makes setup much faster and easier). Thus, I 've these 3/4" arms sticking all which ways so I'm wondering if they'd fit.

            As for putting cushioning between toms and stuff, I don't (using a rubbermaid tub) and I stick my Pintech snare, three Accupad toms and assorted other crap in there and have never had problems with hole punching, etc.

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              very nice idea!! good job A+ from me


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                I'd be worried about the snare stand/hardware in the bottom next to the drums and cymbals. I'd wrap them in carpet or something soft to protect the drums.



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                  I went the traditional way, bought an lightning case for 150 USD (110 Euro) and custom made the interior. It´s neither small or light, but rock steady solid and suits the kit well (there´s room for expansion).
                  Dimensions length/width/depth: 1200 x 700 x 600 mm

                  Some explanation:
                  A: Kick and backrest for throne (the white is just a lose piece of foam)
                  B: saddle for throne
                  C: pads
                  E: Hardware

                  I made a hole for the hihat stand so it goes a bit in the Kick´s apartment.
                  Next thing coming up is a soft padded zipcase with handles for the rack, made by a guy who normally makes bulletproof vests.
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                    Great post. I did this too! Any 50 gallon tool chest should work. Great idea! Thanks again!


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                      I built a similar case.
                      After lining the inside of the chest I went to the local foam manufacturer and had some square pcs of foam cut to put in between the pads and cymbals.
                      The pieces are only 1/2 in. thick so you don't lose much in capacity.
                      Each pc is also just slightly smaller than the inner dim. of the box so everything is completely protected from everything else.
                      I think this box could go for a good tumble down the stairs without causing any damage to my pads or cymbals.
                      Not going to try it though. ;-p


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                        29 Gallon case

                        If anyone has a TD-12 or smaller kit, you can use the 29 gallon version of that Stanley tool chest. I bought one at lowes yesterday ($50) and got the following into it:

                        1xVH-11 pad

                        Drum throne (stand and seat)
                        4 roland cymbal booms
                        various cables

                        That just left me the rack, sound module, hi-hat stand, and pedals not in the case. You could pick up any number of smaller cases to hold the sound module and pedals.

                        I'll post pictures later. I didn't add any foam or anything. Everything fit in pretty snug and it isn't going anywhere and I'm the only one who will be moving it.
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                          OK I see how you mark the rack so you can reposition it - but how do you mark your cymbal stands?


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                            Originally posted by cyberdyke View Post
                            OK I see how you mark the rack so you can reposition it - but how do you mark your cymbal stands?


                            I don't need to as they don't get moved. I simply fold the rack in and move the whole thing like that.

                            Note: I've added some stuff, so I do things slightly different now. I'll update the thread with some new pics and info shortly.

                            DIY converted Ludwig Epic acoustic to E-Kit
                            Surge, Yamaha, Roland, and AtoE cymbals

                            Roland TD-10 module
                            Superior Drummer/Addictive Drums combo


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                              I recently added a few new cymbal pads. The Stanley chest had the room but it was getting too freakin heavy to move at least once a week, up a flight of stairs and down another. So, I purchased a generic floor tom bag and cut out some circles with left over 1/2" foam. I use the bag to carry cymbal pads and my one PD-6 pad, all stacked with a foam disc between each of them. Now the chest is easier to haul up the stairs and into my car by myself. As I said in my previous post, all rack-mounted arms and clamps (with the exception of the CY-8's arm to the far right) remain fixed and unmoved so I can just unfold the rack, tighten it down, and start throwing pads back on it. Frankly, the rack is the most difficult thing to move now. Not because it's too heavy, but because it's so awkward.

                              Here's what my kit looks like set up now, along with a pic of the floor tom bag that does cymbal pad duty.

                              DIY converted Ludwig Epic acoustic to E-Kit
                              Surge, Yamaha, Roland, and AtoE cymbals

                              Roland TD-10 module
                              Superior Drummer/Addictive Drums combo