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My first live edrum "gig"

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  • My first live edrum "gig"

    About 10pm last night I got a call from a friend of mine who works at the "Kindercare" daycare center here. It's "Rap and Rock" week. Asked if I could bring my drums to play. At that time a dose of fear and excitement filled me. Leaving my house with my edrums!

    So the checklist started:
    How would I organize the cabling for quick teardown / setup?
    What would I use for amplification? Headphones are no good now.
    etc etc etc

    So I called home to see if my studio monitors came in yet... and they did! Being they were new I wasn't going to put them through too much, afraid of hurting my new investment. So I told myself i'd keep the volumes down.

    I got home from work at 2am and started the task of tearing down the set for transport. First, I wanted to try the monitors...

    Hooked up my small mixer to my new BBE, and out of my mixer to the monitors... beautiful sound. But not enough bass. At least at that low, low, everyone is sleeping, 2am volume. "How can I fix this?" I wondered... so up to my bedroom to get my subwoofer I went.

    Knowing i'd have enough firepower it was time to tear down. My biggest worry was the cabling. Out came the masking tape and a marker I unplugged each pad and labeled it. And instead of labeling the other side I kept it all plugged into the module, and wrapped up all the cable behind my rack mounted modules, and then closed the case shut. Sure it was a mess inside, but it was one nice tidy package to move on the outside.
    The next morning I had to take a trip to the local 'shack to pick up a few adapters and cables so I could get stereo sound and hook up my subwoofer. The cars were loaded up and we drove to the daycare and setup. They really pressed us for time.. the kids were getting antsy because they had to wait for thier lunch... but we worked as fast as we could. At least as fast as the first real time i've ever setup the drums... physicaly and sound wise. I build the set one piece at a time, so putting it all together now was a bit of a task.

    Durring a rousing game of "Simon Says" my friend and I took all the pieces of the set and put them together. I tried to keep as many pads attached to the rack as possible when taking it down so this proccess wasn't as bad.

    Now for the sound...
    It would be the first time I used real external speakers, other than my test with the monitor the night before. So I went about it the same way... but I was getting no sound. Just a light rumble through the right monitor. I wasn't sure what was wrong. So durring "the quiet game" I attempted to debug the situation. I finally got fed up with it and went headphone out to mixer in and then the speakers and sub out. For the obvious reasons I didn't like that plan... plus it bypassed my new BBE

    But we had sound. A few tweaks later we were in business. And ready to play.

    All in all it was a good experience. Next time I know what to do better. Glad I brought the subwoofer!

    I'll have pictures soon of "Live at Kindercare".
    Gabe Kangas
    DM5, D4, PD80R, CY-15, CY-6, Visu-lite Ride, DauZ's, Random Pintech stuff, BBE 362.

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    They did enjoy it! I closed with playing on the techno patches set. A four on the floor beat really got them moving

    A few people wanted a drum stick when I was done. But my friend who asked me to come said if I didn't have enough for everyone, nobody could have them I didn't want to argue that, or I might have gotten a time out.

    Gabe Kangas
    DM5, D4, PD80R, CY-15, CY-6, Visu-lite Ride, DauZ's, Random Pintech stuff, BBE 362.


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      Here's a couple of the pictures!

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      Gabe Kangas
      DM5, D4, PD80R, CY-15, CY-6, Visu-lite Ride, DauZ's, Random Pintech stuff, BBE 362.