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  • Samples!!!!no More Samples

    Hello, I recently purchased a Dr. Sampler sp-303. It is a great little piece of equipment but there is one problem I am having with it and the TD-10 I am using to trigger it. I have three manuals in front of me I did numerours searches and still no luck. I have worked on this for many hours now and I am about to give up.

    What I want to do. I want to trigger a tap pattern from the TD-10 kick drum to be transmitted to the sampler activating things like a melodic bassline one note at a time. I know the TD-10 does this already with its own samples so I think it should be able to transmit various midi signals one step at a time with one trigger.

    What I know. I can trigger different samples but would have to set each drum to a sample (undesirable). I can start a pre determined pattern with one TD-10 trigger but this pattern can not be broken up note for note. Each sample play button on the sampler can be played single note at a time with mask time from td-10 predetermined(close but this means I would be using 8 triggers from my TD-10 verry undesirable). Each sample corospounds to a midi note.

    What I am trying to do. I am thinking that with a midi keyboard I can record a sequence of notes into the TD-10. Set these notes to tap play back on one drum. Now the big question. When a pattern is played by the TD-10 does it transmit a midi out signal to a device in real time corosponding with the notes playing? If I mute all 4 parts and tap trigger the pattern will this pattern be transmitted via midi? Could I also just turn backing or click all the way down and tap trigger a pattern wich sends midi notes to my sampler wich then activates real audio sounds?

    What this will be used for. I am playing drums for a hip hop group and I want the bass drum to play bass drum and real audio bass. If I am going about this the wrong way let me know. If this is imposible please let me know. If you can answer any of my questions I would be verry greatfull.

    Thank you

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    I'm not a TD-10 owner but is there not a setup that allows you to layer a bass sound over your BassDrum?

    I know the Yamaha DTX2 and DTExtreme have these setups.
    Got a lend of both modules as I was trying to do this using my Zendrum. Only had an afternoon so didn't have any luck.

    TD-6 has a couple of "melodic" setups but they may be preset only.

    With the Zendrum the only way I could do it was dynamically (4 Midi notes per pad using velocity switching of Midi notes.)

    If you can stack samples dynamically in the sampler,it may be a help,not ideal I know but I think the TD-10 should have this facility built in??

    Good luck
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      Hey there, Tylt. I can commisserate with you. I've often wished to do the same thing. I have an SP-202. Unfortunately, I don't think you'll be able to do what you're setting out to do. The early SP's(202, 303) don't have an alternate mode feature. If I read your post right, you want to trigger a seperate melodic bass note everytime you trigger your kick drum. I don't think it'll fly. In my band, I use the sampler/triggering system to trigger bass lines, but I know mine doesn't allow for note-for-note sampling. I don't think the -303 does, either. I think your best bet would be to loop your bass pattern and just play to that.



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        Dont you love it when your work realy hard at something and then BAM! everything comes together and it works for you. The TD-10 and Dr. Sample with some tweaking can do the procedure I described above! I will list how to do it for anyone who wants to know. And for me who will probably forget one of these steps if I don't write them down while they are fresh in my head.

        Step 1
        Select a kit that you want to layer a tap pattern to using an outside sampler. Now set every pad on the set's (including the pad you want to tap out the pattern with) MIDI note transmit value to a note that the out board sampler will not recognise. This is done by selecting each instrument one by one and changing the MIDI note. This makes it so that you are no longer triggering your sampler with drums enabling you to trigger with the tap pattern you choose.

        Step 2
        This is where I got hung up. Each part ie. Drums Bass Guitar and keys in the patern transmits on it's own seperate channel. Set one part to the channel that your sampler uses. Dr. Sampler uses MIDI transmit channel 1. So I hit [SETUP] then [MIDI] and changed the Bass to channel 1. Now only bass noted should be transmitted to the sampler.

        Step 3
        Hook up a MIDI capable keyboard with a MIDI cable from Keyboard's MIDI out to TD-10's MIDI in. Select an unused pattern. Press [record] select [replace] in the record menu. Now hit play and play the notes on the keyboard that the outboard sample recognises in any pattern you desire. Do not worry about tempo. Stop recording and make sure the playback is set to [Tap]. Plug the MIDI out from the TD-10 into the MIDI in of your sampler.

        Step 4
        Go to the kit you wanted to use select the pad you want to use. Turn the PTN to the patern you recorded with. Hit the pad the patern is now on. Turn backing all the way down. The MIDI patern should go through note by note unheard at the same time activating each sample. The sample that is activated goes in order of the patern in wich you played into the TD-10 using the MIDI keyboard.

        Wow when I write it all out it sure seems like alot. But once you have every thing setup I am sure it will go faster. If anyone knows of any short cuts I would be glad to hear them. I have had the V-Drums for a few weeks now so although this is probably a basic technique for most of the people on this board I had alot of trouble with it. Mabee someone should write a book dedicated to triggering samples with the TD-10. I know I would buy it.



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          Shortcut leads to another problem

          Step one does not have to be done skip it.

          Step two has a problem in it. Switching the patern part transmit channel to match the sampler transmit channel enables patterns to trigger various samples. But it seems that switching this makes it so the drums will no longer be able to trigger patterns. For some reason the bass patern part and the drums can not share the same MIDI channel and to make matters worse this setting changes this for every kit. So if I was playing live and wanted one song to trigger tap samples and another to just start a pattern loop I would have to change this quickly during my set. This however is verry undesirable. It is was one thing setting up chains to change sets in order(one of my most favorite options live). But another to have to go into MIDI options and change transmit channels inbetween songs.

          There is one solution I can think of. But this one is tedious and undesirable but will probably work. I could use the tap patterns on other drums and cymbols. I can set up a tap pattern with one note that triggers the intended sample. And say put that on a cymbol or AUX 2. Then every time I play the drum just that single sample will play. My question would be I wonder if the latency increases when triggering with tap patterns? It seems like it would but then again I have no idea how MIDI signals works.

          In the long run this might be a better setup because I would have had to take the time before a show and work out each sample for each kit and instrument. Then during the show I would not even have to touch the sampler or the TD-10. Using a foot pedal to scroll through the chain in my set.

          Looks like I have alot of work in front of me I hope I helped some people who might benefitt from these techniques. I am looking for a short cut or a solution to the MIDI channel setting I hope there is one.