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Your fav music dvd?

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  • Your fav music dvd?

    I just watched the freddie mercury tribute for the 5th time(roger is great) i think,but my fav is the milk inc one and the rolands.Pink floyd pulse is up there to.There is so many good music dvds now it makes you wonder why you would buy a cd now days.
    TD3 + SPD-6 and love it

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    I absolutely love Peter Gabriel's 'Secret World Live'. The show, performance and music is spectacular. Unfortunately, the video looks like it was transferred from VHS.
    I'll still watch it over and over again anyway!


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      Two paws up for Peter Gabriel's 'Secret World Live' and Pink Floyd's 'Pulse'. They are both right up there for me.
      Another that I particularly enjoy is The Eagles 'Farewell Tour' at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne. The production on that DVD musically and technically is superb.


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        Yep sp,both the eagles ones are superb.Theres just so many good ones,Id list all mine but it would take a while.
        TD3 + SPD-6 and love it


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          Same here Pluto!!!

          Two more I just thought of are -
          Genesis - Live at Wembley Arena
          Led Zeppelin (Remastered dual DVD of some of their live performances)


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            Agree with sp - love the Pink Floyd Pulse and Led Zep sets.

            One of the best overall packages I've seen recently is the Dave Gilmour "Remember this Night" concert, and I do rather like the Emerson, Lake and Palmer set which has loads of rare footage, including Carl Palmer's steel kit in all its over-the-top glory. Oh, there's also the "War of the Worlds" live tour, but don't tell anyone...


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              Roger Waters - In The Flesh (Live)

              Absolutely top notch!!!

              Kits: http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b1...e/DSC00008.jpg

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