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Playing Live Advice with the TD-12

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  • Playing Live Advice with the TD-12

    I'm not much of a drummer although I do own a TD-12 which I keep in my studio. I have a live gig coming up this Thursday and the client has insisted to me very strongly that the volume of the band (7 pieces) must be low. The hall is cavernous with a terrible reverb and I considered that perhaps I should take my TD 12 for the drummer to use instead.

    My question is: Have any of you used the TD 12 live, and if so, would you suggest that it could be a good substitute for a live drum set for dance music?

    Secondly, I've found that the TD 12 has a plastic sound to it on recordings that I've done. What are the favored kits on the TD 12 to replace a regular standard kit? Do I need to tweak much for live use?

    Please respond,
    Thank you,

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    reading what others have said it's great. have the drummer try it first and let him make his own kit so it matches the sound he wants.
    for live shows, turning ambiance and mfx off is a good idea too. If you own a PA, try it out and see what you need to turn off as PA and headphones aren't the same.