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Ahhh Gas Attack!!!

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  • Ahhh Gas Attack!!!

    so I had a td-12s ordered and ready to go but then after reading on the forums I had a change of heart and decided to call bpmmusic and change my order to a td-20 !!!

    Main reason was that upgrading the pads on the td-12 would be way too expensive for me.. so figure i'd get it over with...

    that GAS is viral lol...

  • #2
    GAS can be very contagious too! I hope you didn't sneeze on anybody.


    • #3
      Tums and Rolaids don't work. And as far as I know, there is no cure once you get it. Sorry you are now part of the 'infected'...
      "...regardless of what you play, the biggest thing is keeping the feel going ..." - Wes Montgomery


      • #4
        As one who has resisted infection, I have a hard time sympathizing. But I think you will love the TD-20.


        • #5
          I need a straight Jacket and a blindfold for my wallet!


          • #6
            I've decided I need to work on my rudiments.

            Ok, actually I just needed to buy an RMP-5


            • #7
              I just hired a full-time professional to play my drums for me. But my wife made me return her...
              My kit: