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  • PA/live/studio

    I've read in the last few days that people were having problems/had problems when playing live. Also, some people have said that they were having problems with triggers on stage, etc...
    I'm lucky, my father's friend has a 40x70 room where my friends and I have access at anytime. the gear is already there (computer, PA, everything... even lights).
    I was thinking about getting a td-12 for studio and live use, so it would be easier to record and to play live without the need for mics for the drums, for both situations.
    seeing how everyone must tweak their settings for live use (remove ambiance, eq, comp, etc) and reading that people have triggering problems on stage makes me think it might not be such a good solution.

    what do you think?


    As I'm the one paying for the kit and I really want such amount of money to be used for certain purposes, your comments and suggestions are welcome and will sure be read.

    thanks a lot

    - Gost
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    bump, if it helps at all...


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      I think the tweak-ability of VDrums is a blessing. It can be a curse if you get obsessed, but overall being able to tweak your sounds to your taste is a good thing. I wouldn't let peoples need to tweak their sounds deture you. I think it sounds like VDrums are perfect for your set up. Besides, micing A drums is a pain and hard to get them to sound as clean and consistent as V's.


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        A lot of the issues mentioned are easily resolved. Removing Ambienece is a simple press of the button. Changing the X-Talk settings is pretty simple also. The TD-12 was designed to allow this level of flexibility and address these issues.

        Having a rehearsal space will allow you to dial in all these settings in a known environment. Sounds like the perfect situtaion.