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  • Behringer.....again

    I'm currently in the market for a small submixer for my four (!) drum modules and a pair of powered speakers to run them through for onstage monitoring purposes. The need for monitoring is at the request of my bandmates, as I use headphones to monitor with and have no need for any kind of speaker/wedge setup.

    This is what I've narrowed my choices down to:

    Mixer: Mackie 1402 or Behringer MX 2004A

    Speakers: Mackie SRM450, JBL Eon G2, Yamaha MS400, or Behringer Ultrawave B300

    Now, I'll come right out and say that I highly value the opinions of the members of our group. V-drums.com is often the first place I run to for advice on gear. However, in this instance, I feel like I'm asking a question that has been absolutely beaten to death yet still unanswered: what exactly is everyone's beef with Behringer? I own several pieces of Behringer gear (in fact, I own gear from ALL the manufacturers listed above) and I've had no problems with any of them.

    I've read all the *****ing about Behringer ad nauseam (child labor accusations, substandard components, copying competitors' designs, poor customer service, etc.), and I've come to several realizations:

    1. If Product A and Product B are the same but Product B is cheaper, I'm buying Product B.

    2. "Buy American" doesn't mean as much to me as it does to others.

    3. Greg Mackie isn't going to go broke.

    4. One company copying another's product is hardly a new practice.

    5. If anyone wants to complain about poor customer service, the line starts at Roland themselves.

    6. I don't claim to know much about electronic components, but either your piece of equipment works or it doesn't. If it's the fault of substandard components, fine. Otherwise, I couldn't care less what they're called or where they came from.

    7. As a father of two, any matter involving the suffering of children draws my attention. If Behringer is in heinous violation of child labor practices, then they are indeed to be demonized accordingly. However, I have done a fairly extensive search on the Internet for any articles or documentation on this matter and have so far come up with nothing. If any of you could kindly direct me to any such sources, I would appreciate it. Otherwise, I have to delegate this to rumor status.

    I'm being laid off in a month and a half, but, since I am a working musician, I still have to address my equipment needs. By my calculation, I could get a MX2004 and a pair of B300s for right around $1000.00. This same amount of money would buy me one SRM 450 and half a VLX 1402. So, in a financial sense at least, Behringer seems to be the obvious choice.

    However, I am also a firm believer in the adage that "you get what you pay for." Expensive or no, I still need reliable gear, not junk. Well, the Behringer gear I own has performed solidly, so that makes them a player in my eyes.

    I've read numerous product reviews on all the gear I listed above, and what have I gained from them in the long run? Absolutely nothing. "Mackie sucks." "Mackie rules." "Behringer sucks." "Behringer rules." Blah, blah, blah.

    I need to mention that this is not Guitar Center/Sam Ash territory. I can't just walk into the music stores here and demo this stuff, because most of it simply isn't there. In fact, the only pieces of gear listed above that I've been able to demo are the Eon G2s and the VLZ 1402 mixer. So, in a sense, this could be a sight-unseen/sound-unheard purchase. My preference (such as it is) in terms of a good mix of quality and price would be the G2s with a MX2004 mixer.

    So, once again, what do you guys think? Given my situation, what route would you go?

    No bull****, and please be brutal. Even if it is toward Behringer. Just tell me something I haven't already heard a million times.

    Fire at will.

    Many thanks,

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    Re: Behringer.....again

    If you have not had any problems with Behringer then by all means buy it. However, when I was in the market for gear, Mackie was more popular. Does that mean they are better, no but they make a hell of a product. If your looking for pro gear, there are more Mackies out there than Behringer. There must be a reason for that. Now I understand that just because they are bigger doesn't make them the best (remember beta and VHS tape formats) but your'e not going to find too many products that surpass Mackie, they just make good stuff. So if it is not all marketing, and it's not just hype, then there must be something else there. Again, I'm not a Mackie die hard fan. I own some of their stuff and yes the extra money that you have to put out is in part because of the name. Popularity can also be a benefit when, down the road, you want to sell it or it needs to be fixed. If you need the gear working ASAP, which company can give you that? I'm not looking for a pissing match on which is better or a flame attack. You will probably be happy with either one, this is just one guys opinion.


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      Fact is: if you order a Behringer today, there is a change that you will have to wait 2 or 3 months since (even) in China children don't want to work every day.


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        Originally posted by puttenvr
        Fact is: if you order a Behringer today, there is a change that you will have to wait 2 or 3 months since (even) in China children don't want to work every day.
        Hi, Putt. Thanks for the reply. You're actually the person who initially drew my attention to the child labor matter, so, on that note, please reread entry #7 contained within my original post.

        Not that I doubt the validity of what you're saying, it's just that you're the only person I've heard this from.......


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          I think Behringer has filled an empty slot in the music gear bussines.
          Now I have two choices, save money until I can buy the supposedly "good" item or start learnig and using a cheap one until I can a) save or make enough money to upgrade to the supposedly "good" one or b) realize Behringer fits my needs.

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              Originally posted by Billonakona
              Get the Behringer, and buy an extended warranty. Still less than a Mackie.
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                I bought a Behringer KX1200 to use as an onstage monitor and for practice. It was a choice between the Behringer and a Roland KC500. The Behringer was on sale at zzounds.com (I payed around $220). I have had zero problems. I've not had any experience with their mixers.
                BTW I get a card and picture every month of the little boy who built the unit. He's doing fine!
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                  sound quality

                  I have been using one B300 Behringer ultrawave for about 12 months with my session set, using it with a three piece band, it sounds fine and cuts through, even with the guitarist using a big marshall stack.
                  However I would like to point out they lack the top end fidelity and power of the similar JBL product.
                  The B300 utrawave is adequate for gigs, band rehearsal whatever.
                  The price of the behringer is good value for money.
                  They are solid and damn heavy.
                  If I needed to tour, personally I would spend the extra and get the JBL.
                  If you need something straight away that works but don't have the money for the JBL the Behringer is the go.

                  Thats my two cents worth.
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