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?? best/cheap CASES for your V-drums???

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  • ?? best/cheap CASES for your V-drums???

    was wondering what eveybody uses, or what you guys have seen as far as cases for the v-pros. rack and all pads and hardware. i know roland has the set with the big bag for the rack and the molded case, but isn't that like $600 ? im sorry, but if i pay $600 i want a little more for my rack than a sack. what do you guys use, or have you seen any other ideas for professional application (touring). even maybe a reasonably priced custom sized anvil type case(s).

    thanks a lot!


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    I bought 2 golf club travel cases in Wal Mart for $20 each. They hold all my pads and other items. They were soft cases so I can store them better when I'm not using them. You can get the hard cases for better protection. Just make sure they are the oversized or large bags if you have the PD-120's.