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Any tutorials or getting started help for TD-8?

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  • Any tutorials or getting started help for TD-8?

    Hey folks,
    I just got my TD-8, but I got it used and it didn't come with the manual.
    I've figured out the most basic functionality, but I want to get involved in some more semi-advanced areas, like using the sequencer and creating your own songs, and editing a drum set (mostly just making the hi-hat always down because I've got a double bass pedal that occupies my left foot).
    Is there a website out there that gives a tutorial on this kind of stuff or maybe just a beginners area website?
    I also saw a few months ago a link to a TD-10 manual. Is this kind of functionality similar between the TD-10 and TD-8 (i.e. Can I get away with using the TD-10 owners manual on the TD-8)?
    Thanks for the help!

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    Yeah I kinda started figuring that. They want $25 for the manual. Too much if you ask me.
    If anyone out here knows of any sites though that teaches you how to use the sequencer or maybe some of the other semi advanced features of the module, could you please post it?


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      If you have the FD-7 hi-hat pedal, just lock the plunger rod down with the wing nut instead of changing the hi-hat sound to "closed" on every patch you use.
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        Originally posted by Menashe79
        Yeah I kinda started figuring that. They want $25 for the manual. Too much if you ask me.
        $25 is a lot but I can't imagine that amount of money getting in the way of learning how to use the TD-8. $25 is less than the cost of two (admittedly overpriced) CD's. Even in my poorest, living-on-top-ramen-and-donating-plasma-to-supplement-my-income days I still could have come up with 25 bucks for a drum book or in this case a user's manual.

        Regarding Web sites, you are right--it would be really cool if there was a Web site where people could share their experiences and expertise with v-drums. It would be even better if such a site had a searchable archive so that people search on terms like "Closed Hi Hat" to find specific answers to their questions. Oh if only such a site existed...

        hint: http://www.vdrums.com/forum/showthre...&threadid=6984

        All kidding aside, I think Roland would do themselves a favor by publishing a tutorial either in print or online that demonstrates practical applications of their drum modules. (Roland are you listening...?)
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          That was a pretty funny post.
          Actually, I had come across that thread, but being that I'm using a pintech hi hat controller, most of it didn't apply to me. There was one suggestion about changing the kits, but without instructions on how to do it, I'm kind of at a loss.
          True, it's not a lot of money for the manual, but I've yet to find a manual so good and so useful that I'd pay $25 for it. In this case I may have to though, as there surprisingly isn't much documentation out there on using this thing. They're on backorder anyway, so it'll be a while.
          For now, the HH problem will be solved with a concrete block. Still need a tutorial on the sequencer and mixer though.