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John Entwhistle, dead at 57.

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  • John Entwhistle, dead at 57.


    John died in Las Vegas of a heart attack.

    I'm sorry...I know this is a drumming forum, but my main instrument is the bass, and I just wanted to share the news with my friends here.

    John, you will be sorely missed. My condolences to John's family, friends, the members of The Who, and all of John's many fans.

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    Horrible news. Nothing more to say.
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      Damn shame. Aside from his obvious great work with The Who, I really liked his solo stuff. I remember covering some stuff from his Too Late The Hero album when I was playing in a band in Japan, back in the 80s. That was good stuff. What a loss.


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        I called my bass player a while ago to break the news...very sad...I heard the tour was actually to start in Las Vegas tomorrow.
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          FVCK. This is terrible, terrible news.

          Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life.


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            Sad, sad, sad news.
            The Who is The favourite group for me and I still listen to Who's Next on a weekly basis.

            John, werever you are keep rockin'!



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              Again.... sad news, and a blow to all Who fans looking forward to the tour. John was a great and distinctive player. He will be missed. It's a reminder.... all us old rockers are getting there!


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                And then there were two.........

                Really sad isn't it?

                Funny, I just did a fill in gig a couple weeks ago and it was a blues gig with 2 guitarists and bass and I was complaining that the bass player sounded like John.

                I feel like a heel now but it was because he was too busy while the other guys were wanking all night and I could have used Duck Dunn instead, know what I mean?

                Anyway, I am going to listen to some who tonight and reflect on my youth.

                Peace my brothers.
                The original Gig Pig.


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                  lately ive been listening to the who sell out, a classic.


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                    Can you see the real me?? Can you?? Can you??

                    Now imagine hearing that without John's thunder behind it.
                    Truly a sad day.


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                      I'm reminded of the 1st time the Anaheim Stadium (CA-USA) began to allow rock concerts. A week later the papers reported mary-jane growing on the field. What a day that was. OMG! That was over 30 years ago!!!!

                      R.I.P. John


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                        My mate Pete Zed, who was a great friend of John Entwhistle died a couple of years ago. Pete owned the local gig place - The Blues Tavern in Farnham, Surrey.

                        The greatest memory that Pete ever gave me was the memory of me playing alongside John Entwhistle at a jam night, it was magic.

                        The greatest three songs of my life

                        May they both RIP
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                          Very sad, very sad. In addition to his playing I love the video of him using some of his gold albums for skeet shooting with a tommy gun. "The Best" concert he did in Japan with Keith Emerson, Simon Phillips, Joe Walsh, and Skunk Baxter was also a musical highlight for me. To hear his playing on familiar tunes by other artists was a revelation. RIP Thunderfingers.


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                            Looks like session musician Pino Palladino will be playing bass on the tour. Just curious - anyone know who will be playing drums? Does Simon Philips still tour with The Who?
                            E-drums: TD-20, RT-5S triggers on snare/toms, KD-7s, VH12, CY-14Cs, CY-15R, Pintech splash.
                            A-drums: Zickos (amber) w/ all Zildjians.


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                              Zach Starkey was with them last I saw.
                              Ringo's son.
                              Great player.
                              The original Gig Pig.