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To V-Cymbal or not to V-Cymbal

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  • To V-Cymbal or not to V-Cymbal

    OK.... I've read various threads on V-cymbals, ie. "They sound and play great" or "They sound and play awfull".

    I've been over to my local GC and played around a little but wasn't to impressed with what I heard. Maybe the set up wasn't tweaked right or whatever..... My question....?

    Does anyone have a difinitive response to this latest evolution?
    Or..... is it just one of those personal choice things?

    I'm not investing in changing from my PD-9's unless I'm convinced it's worth it.


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    Thanks Harlock..... Short and to the point.... eh?


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      I love my v-custom kit, BUT the cymbals are definately the weaker part of the set (especially the hi-hat which is the weakest part of the kit)..if this is your question.


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        I've got four of the cy's (2-12,14, HH). They're like everything else with the V's: tweaking and different technique. As far as the response goes, they respond like a swinging rubber pad. They give more than the pads. I like 'em alright. Still working on the HH.
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          they're great with the tdw1 exp...td10.............
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            A lot of it is personnal choice. For me, I tried the VCymbals in every music store I could get to for about 6 months, and finally decided that I liked my PD-9s better than the expence of new VCymbals. I have 4 Zildjian cymbals mounted on my VPro rack, so the need to get VCymbals became even less of a need. Plus I have two PD-7's mounted side by side right over my High Hat using up my Aux 11 and Aux 12 inputs. I'm spoiled with my set-up and didn't want to chance messing up my TDW-1 card by sending it in for a 'free' VCymbal upgrade. The PD pads coupled with the acoustic cymbals look really sharp.

            I just bought my church a TD-6 set so I don't have to haul my TD-10 around all the time. When playing the CY-6's, I quickly realize that I do like the PD-7/9's better. Guess it all depends on what you start with and become used too.

            In the end it's your money, and your decision. Best of luck to you.
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              I've got the CY15r ride cymbal, and reckon it's much better than the standard rubber pads. It took a bit of tweeking to get the sensitivity right (and I did the famous 'V-ride fix'), but now I wouldn't be without it.

              I'm hoping to get a couple of the smaller v-cymbals to use as crahses soon - I think they look the part as much as anything.



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                I use the pads for practice and goofing around and A's for gigging. Between the feel and the looks, the A's are better in that regard.