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  • The POLICE!

    Last night at Jones Beach, NY.

    Holy crap!

    They were awesome. I waited 25 years or so to see them! Worth the wait. I read that early shows this tour were not very tight, but they seemed to iron out the wrinkles (I think they have 1 more show tonight at JB, then MSG tomorrow and that's it).

    Surprised that they did not play Synchronicity I or II, but they did play demolition man (I am sure 99% of the audience did not know this song). Should have played Someone to talk to! Next to you was great as well, as well as invisible sun. Actually the whole set was great, even every breath you take, which I can't stand usually. But it was a short concert. They played for perhaps 2 hours?

    Stewart had a gong! which was great, and his percussion on wrapped around your finger and king of pain was inspiring. I actually thought that taping a piezo to the gong and triggering an 8" splash would be a cool effect (Michael?)

    Sting and Andy were great as well, a very tight and talented group.

    His drums were amazing, the snare and ride were awesome, could have used some more octobans in his playing...

    Elvis Costello was good as well. I am not a huge fan but enjoyed it. One of the guys I was with said he was a huge Costello fan, and I told him the other 5 fans were in the audiance as well

    Well that wraps up Summer '08 ... The Fab Faux, RUSH, Billy Joel, Springsteen and the Police. Not bad.

    In September I will update the group on Playhouse Disney.

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    Originally posted by vdrummer20 View Post
    I actually thought that taping a piezo to the gong and triggering an 8" splash would be a cool effect (Michael?)
    I'm working on it! heh.

    And I am a BIG Elvis Costello Fan. So no catty remarks!


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      Roland Td-11KV, Alesis SamplePad, DW5000 pedal, Vater 7A sticks.


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        Sorry, none! I was again way in the back (but up high and center stage). Its a small venue so all the seats are pretty good. But anyway, no pics. I hope they make a DVD from this tour and record another studio album.