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why dual-zone HH?

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  • JamieR

    I use a PD-7. The dual zones allow you to put, say, a more slushy sound on the rim which can work quite nicely, but I find it's best to use similar sounds to give just a little variation.

    No reason why a single zone pad won't suffice though. As you mention, you're probably better off getting more cymbals first. If you go for a CY-12RC you can get 3 way triggering (and not just on the TD-10 as Roland would have you think).


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  • FloridaDrummer
    Re: why dual-zone HH?

    I use a PD-5 single trigger pad for my HH. Used my pd-7 for another cymbal. I think there is a way to shack the HH trigger so you can use the rim on another pad like the pd-5 but never researched it.

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  • JeffVA
    started a topic why dual-zone HH?

    why dual-zone HH?

    I am reading up a storm on old posts and scouring the Internet as I build up to getting my vdrums (the v-club). As I poke through looking for what is essential and not I wonder what is important abuot having a dual trigger pad or v-cym as the high hat?

    On the real thing I remember I could different expressions from the HH depending where I played, but often I was riding in roughly the same spot and mostly varied my sound by the degree to which I had the hats open. So, given this situation, what is the advantage of being able to trigger one sound from the edge and one from the bow?

    I am coming to the opinion that the best thing I can do to enhance my v-club purchase is a PD-120 or PD-80R and an extra CY-6 or two. It seems like the pads may work just fine for HH duty.

    Anyhoo, what thinkest thou?

    Thank you,