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How much did you learn when you hit the 2-3 month mark of drumming?

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  • How much did you learn when you hit the 2-3 month mark of drumming?

    Okay so I am in the middle of my second month of playing around and was wondering what I should have learned by now? And how far along everyone was when they first started around that time?

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    Gee, that was a long time ago. I'm guessing I had been introduced to the 13 essential rudiments and had learned how to play them, although probably not particularly well. I would think by the middle of the second month I was probably ready to sit down at the kit and start learning some basic beats.


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      Hi Baz2,

      That's a good question and I'd like to hear some more responses from the experienced guys on the forum - you all know who I mean.

      I can relate to stickinthemud's comments - for me that was a long time ago too. I wish I had some recordings from back then to see how good I wasn't.....

      I started by playing along with records (those old spinning vinyl things)....so I guess I had worked out that Charlie Watts was a lot better drummer than I previously thought he was.....and I also worked out that cheap hardware did not last very well when you tried to play heavy metal on it.

      I was fairly comfortable playing a basic 4/4 beat at 120bpm and had come to understand that there was a thing called independence that I needed to work on a lot more.


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        Originally posted by Hercules View Post
        I started by playing along with records (those old spinning vinyl things)....so I guess I had worked out that Charlie Watts was a lot better drummer than I previously thought he was.....
        That's something I noticed too...but more in general.
        I'm playing for about 3 months now (with a holiday in between and not enough time to practise each day). So when I have time, I tend to just play along with songs that I like instead of learning rudiments (I know I should probably start with that). But if you have limited time what do you do?

        A 4/4 beat at 120 is no problem. I'm now practising 16th notes on the hihat with added snare hits like in U2's Sunday Bloody Sunday. Haven't got it mastered yet, but getting there. I'm also getting into the 16th kick notes and snare ghost notes. I have to practise more on holding the rhythm steady and when I play added 16th notes on the hihat (like 8, 8, 8, 16, 16, etc) or tom fills, I sometimes forget to hit the snare at 2 and 4, if you know what I mean.


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          Egads. That was a long time ago. I probably learned 4 to 8 rudiments at best (and not well). Most focus was on single strokes, double strokes, paradiddles, and flams. Maybe I was able to play one basic fill type (possibly with some variations), and I may have learned a basic 4/4 rock beat.

          I think I also learned about finger control early on as part of learning to play faster paradiddles ...

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            At two to three months I was playing a basic rock beat. Kick on 1 and 3, snare on 2 and 4, 8th notes on hat and that's probably about it.

            I've only been playing for 14 months now and have filmed progress clips at 6 months, 9 months and 12 months.

            Here's some of those clips....

            6 months progress

            9 months progress

            12 months progress


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              Haha thanks for all the good info once again from this forum. I am about the same I think with others I don't have many rudiments down maybe 4 not very well, but I kind of got them. I can play a 4/4 pretty solid I believe though and just started working on some fills.

              Superpus your music and video are very interesting , but for amount of playing time well done!


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                Cheers Baz
                Keep at it and have fun!


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                  It's rather hard for me to remember; that was over 40 years ago.

                  I do recall that I had the basic rudiments down at that stage.

                  Now that I give it more thought: I also remember that Bonnie Macdad and Lisa Corrado broke up with guitar-playing boyfriends, and both instead started to date me (and neither seemed to mind about the other).

                  I'm old enough now to realize that it's always easier to remember these things when you reference them to even better memories.
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                    For me it was only 8 years ago, so this what I remember that I knew:

                    I could start to read drum music quickly (ie, not need to study it first) but could not play very fast. I could probably play 10-12 beats, but no fills. I had no rolls, and little independence on my feet or hands.I would slow down and speed up tempos quite often, and did not yet have good form or good grip on the sticks...

                    I helps that my drum teacher kept a notebook for all the students, so I am cheating...


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                      I think the implicit question here is "What is typical after a few months?" I think that depends on when you start and whether or not drums is your first instrument. I started playing percussion (snare, bass drum) in the school band at age 9. I remember learning single and double stroke rolls, flams, etc. in the first several months. Had I been 19 and already proficient at keyboards or guitar, I think progress would've been much faster. Certainly the inverse has been true.


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                        I was slow, but was beginning to develop independence and the ability to coordinate all 4 limbs with my counting...but not really good at fills or rolls, and dynamics werent.
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                          At 2-3 months I thought I could play easy beats sort of well. As it turns out, I couldn't play anything!


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                            At two to three months I could play like Lars Ulrich on Quaaludes and had been invited to join Korn and replace David Silveria. I politely declined because I thought I would look silly in dreadlocks.

                            Oh, you wanted a serious answer...ok, where should you be? Shoot, that's a difficult thing to answer. It depends on so many things...amount of practice you are putting in...are you trying to teach yourself or are you taking lessons...are you trying to learn the basics or are you trying to just play along with songs....are you going for a particular style...of course there is the matter of natural ability to keep a rhythm...so in essence, there really isn't a good answer to your question. I guess a better question is, where do you think you should be and how do you think you are doing?
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                              It really comes down to...You get out what you put in.
                              2-3 months of taking lessons without really practicing wont get you far. Putting in at least 1/2 hour per night during that time frame will produce remarkable results. I think it really depends on the individual's natural ability to grasp the rhythm and mechanics, combined with lots of practice. Sorry for the non-answer, but there are a ton of variables here.