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What is the fair price for this TD-10 kit?

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  • What is the fair price for this TD-10 kit?

    Hey guys, I'm looking into buying a set from a local guy and just wanted to ask what would the fair price be for this kit. It's a TD-10 with the following specs:

    TD-10: Percussion Sound Module
    (2) PD-100: Mesh V-Pad - 10
    (3) PD-120: Mesh V-Pad - 12"
    KD-120: V-Kick Trigger Pad
    (2) CY-14C: V-Cymbal Crash
    CY-15R: V-Cymbal Ride
    CY-12H: V-Cymbal Hi Hat
    FD-7: Hi-Hat Control Pedal
    Folding Drum Rack
    All mounting hardware & cables
    Snare drum stand

    How much do you think I should be paying for this kit assuming that it's in good condition? Sorry if I'm posting this to the wrong forum. Thanks!

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    $2500 Us?

    Oh wait, is this the expanded TD-10?
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      Just asked the guy about it So assuming it's not, how much then?


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        I don't really know, I was hoping someone else would chime in by now.


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          I recently bought the same setup but with the expanded TD10 for $1800. YMMV