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Sticks heating up and flexing?

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  • Sticks heating up and flexing?

    Hi all,

    Does anyone else notice that their sticks heat up in your hands and flex at the tips?

    I thought I was imagining it, but whenever I drop a stick and pick up a "cold" one the flex is not present......

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    You might concider keeping a fire extinguisher close by just incase! sounds like some serious drumming going on at your house.

    I must say I've never come across this phenomenon before...
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      You have the gift!

      Is this Uri Geller? keep away from my spoons dude ... no i never had that, flex ? how ?

      Dude you may have the gift of water divination ? also known as Dowsing http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dowsing

      But maybe instead of water you can locate reasonably priced drum kits
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        drumming at the speed of fire....
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          Didn't your mom tell you not to play those blasbeats for more than 20 minutes at a time???
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            Just what are your sticks made of, anyway?

            Have you ever noticed also that you shrug off bullets without even thinking but have this irresistible urge to duck when they throw the empty gun at you?



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              This sounds like it needs some empirical testing. Get some thermometers and flex gauges.
              Seriously, I have never heard of this.


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                Some of the "b"stock sticks (the 20 sticks for 5 bucks deals you'll see at GC or Samash) had a very odd curvature...or were bowed to begin with..

                Not significantly different before or after playing though. What kind of sticks are they??

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                  I figured that wood becomes MORE brittle when heated, and I poked around a bit. Turns out to be true:
                  However, I guess that 98.6 degrees could not be considered "heated"...
                  Now, if you use sticks made of fibreglass.....


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                    It's probably an optical illusion. You know, the old pencil between thumb and forefinger, move the hand up and down, the pencil looks like it's bending.

                    Either that or some of the stuff you are smoking is really, really good.



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                      ...the old rubber stick gag again!


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                        You're funny guys ! (and I wish there was something that good to smoke......)

                        I do use name brand sticks - Vic Firth Dave Waekl signature models - they're really nicely balanced and feel good in the hand (even when they flex)

                        I know my name is Hercules....but bending drumsticks is not normally one of my attributes - I never noticed it when I played A-drums years ago but I used to just break them back then.... so thus this post to see if any others found this peculiarity...... I just checked the sticks (when cold) and they have a few degrees of flex at the tip, so I guess I just notice it more when they're warm.

                        I'll see how they respond when my new TD-20 kit arrives next week - I'm expecting better response from the mesh heads and higher qual cymbals...... :-)


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                          Have you tried Carbosticks? I switched to them from Vic Firth and I love the feel. Seriously, if you can bend those, you really may be Hercules


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                            Hi SP,

                            Nice to chat with you again - I looked at the carbon sticks a couple of time in Billy Hyde but wasn't real impressed with the balance - they felt a little tip heavy to me (even Hercules gets old....).

                            I'll have a look at them again next time I'm there as I was thinking I should move away from wooden tips on my new TD-20 kit (yes !! a new TD-20 kit !! - the gas has struck hard but I think this time I will have beaten it - all I need now is a hihat stand, snare stand, PT master toolkit and..and....and.....).


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                              Wow. Hmm. Never seen that. On a distantly related note .. I have had the same pair of 7A promark sticks since 11/06 when I bought the v-drums. The sticks hold up really well on the plastic kit. I have some of my 747's from the old acustic days and they are so heavy!