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Cool practice music (TD10)

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  • Cool practice music (TD10)

    Hey all

    I have been messin around with my TD-10Exp back from repair (bad surface mount component causing loss of volume) and today found a couple stock kits in my TD10EXP that fit very well with this album.

    Toad the wet Sprocket - Fear

    The "Studio" and "Edgey" kits worked great with slight tweaking.

    I like playing along with this album as it has alot of slow and medium tempo songs that will really work your internal metronome.

    Added bonus you can add your own "interpretation" to Nightingale song as there is limited drumming in it.

    Happy playing
    TD10 expanded KD120/PD9/PD100/PD120 playing through a Phillips surround sound system lol