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Dtxtreme iis trigger with Roland modules

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  • Dtxtreme iis trigger with Roland modules

    Hi everyone. I recently got the Yamaha Dtxtreme IIs, and have been enjoying the quality. It's pretty cool, but I also like leaving my options open to whatever sounds available. So my question is, can I use either a Roland td-3, td-6, or td-9 module along with the dtxtreme iis triggers connected together. Are they compatible? And to that extent, can I use a dtxtreme iis module on either one of those Roland kits?
    Also, if they are compatible, is there a way for me to switch between modules, maybe with a foot controller, as opposed to connecting and reconnecting cables? Is there a way to use two modules assigned to the same pads. I can probably use Y-cables, but I'm looking to switch between sounds and modules with flexibility. Can anyone shed some light. I'm pretty new at this. Thanks in advance.

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    As I understand, at least some of the iis pads are three-zone. This is a proprietary Yamaha technology, so I'm pretty sure you won't get full functionality from these pads on any Roland module. One and two-zone pads are probably another story.

    I know you can trigger certain sounds in the sequencer section of the Roland module, and since you can record in MIDI to a computer and play back through the Roland, I see no reason you could not use the iis to trigger the drum samples in the Roland. As with your other post, the trick is getting channels and notes matched up.

    I don't know about the foot switch option. I suppose you could fashion a switch that would enable and disable the MIDI signal from the iis to the Roland, but then you would have to trun down the iis or they would both sound. Hmmmm.....