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  • Rush!

    Saw Rush on Monday at Jones Beach. Great venue (my first time there). The weather was great ... 75 and low humidity and no rain! I thought the acoustics were great, much better then say MSG.

    The band was great. I thought his drum solo, which is now mostly the 3/4 ostinato, was better than last year (first leg of the tour). Snare work was new and inspiring as well.

    His V-Drums on the Trees was low in the mix as mentioned by another member, the 18" floor tom seemed twice as loud.

    The new album sounds great live, and it is always great to see Bangkok live as well.

    Billy Joel tonight at Shea (Go Liberty!)

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    You lucky whotsit

    I've been wanting to see dear old Neil play for years. I keep on having something else on when they're in the UK.



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      Congrats on a great concert. Take any pics?
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        Yeah no pics. I was waayyy in the back. So it would not have been very interesting.