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Shipping MDS-20BK from the states..

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  • Shipping MDS-20BK from the states..

    Hey guys,

    Few months ago I've bought a MDS-20bk rack from the states to Australia for $190.

    I'm trying to buy one again but somethings got me confused - Can't remember correctly but I think the previous seller sent the rack through USPS Priority Mail International. The price matches with the weight of 45 lbs, but the dimension is over the limit set by USPS.

    The box of mds-20bk is 38x25x10, which means the length + girth would be 108" and the USPS limit is at 79".

    Unluckily the seller isn't responding right now

    What I want to ask is, for anyone who've sent large packages overseas before, if there is any alternative way for me to get my rack shipped that doesn't cost more than $200. Currently the cheapest way I found is by using USPS GXG which is $426.60

    Also does anybody know how I can contact Ed(admin) ? He's told me before that he can send the whole TD-20 kit within $500 to Australia, so he might be able to help me out but he doesn't visit this forum much anymore.

    Cheers guys

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    Try FEDEX

    I imported my MDS-20 from the USA with them for approx 80GBP