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New Learn to Read Rhythms DVD

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  • New Learn to Read Rhythms DVD

    Hey, everyone

    FYI: On another forum, I came across this new DVD that is coming out with Pat Petrillo called "Learn to Read Rhythms". It seems like it teaches reading from beginning to advanced, using visual learning, along with hearing the rhythm played. It's a pretty cool idea, because I've always had reading books, but never really could figure out some rhythms, and never really had a good teacher. It also has the print outs in pdf form. I have Pat's other DVD/Book, so I know he's good at explaining things. I just Pre Ordered my copy. Here's the link

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    If reading is important to you (and it is for me), this looks like a nice resource. Thanks for the link.


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      I'll keep an eye out for that one. I need to expand my reading skills and you can never have enough study material...
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        Please give us a review when you get it. Thanks!