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switching between A's and E's

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  • switching between A's and E's

    Biggest issues I seam to have switching from my V-drums to my acoustic set is tom placment..They always seam so far away on the Acoustic kit so I flipped the two bass mounted toms upside down. It brings the toms closer to the snare. I now play on what was the resonant heads and feels better. Anyone else have any little tricks?
    TD-6v, (3x)CY-8, (4x)PD-8's (2x)PD-6's (1x)PD-80R (1)KD-8 http://www.cstoliker.com/Drums/

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    I fail to see how they become closer... Its a cylinder and as such is the same no matter what way round... Maybe you should try fiddling with the tom arms more to get a more effective placement?

    I did get that problem you talk about, but recently I've managed to get my toms in a really awesome position, and it all just feels right, flows nicely from tom 1 to 6. I keep the other 3 left of the hi hat in a different section.


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      The mounts on the toms are closer to one head then the the other. Look at the picture and imagine rotating the toms up so the resonant heads are on top. You will see what I am talking about.

      TD-6v, (3x)CY-8, (4x)PD-8's (2x)PD-6's (1x)PD-80R (1)KD-8 http://www.cstoliker.com/Drums/


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        Or maybe setup your E kit, to match your A kit?
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          Originally posted by TheCoda View Post
          Or maybe setup your E kit, to match your A kit?
          Exactly. It really helps. Everything is familiar.

          I have gone a stage further - my A kit is on a mat with markers, all stands are on memory locks and heights marked with permanent marker. Floor tom legs are all marked with tape so it the same set-up every time, matched exactly to my E kit.

          The mat and 'Baskey' markers has been the best thing I have bought for the kit and would really recommend it (along with a big ass fan). I timed my set-up when I got it and its ready to go in 12 minutes - no drama. My guitrists however, gees they take ages!!! hahahahaaaaaaa Cheers.