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Roland Customer Service =poop Deluxe

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  • Roland Customer Service =poop Deluxe

    all i wanted was a new power supply for my hd-1. its a 2 part power supply. just had a gut feeling i would have problems so i asked the girl at least twice last week on the phone if i order one does it come with both parts.she repeated yes... i asked the question are you sure and i get another yes! it even says on my invoice i got today -AC POWER CORD SET! guess what came in the mail today. just the cord part. after getting through to roland and being on the phone all day im convinced they have no clue over there. the one girl finally understood i needed the whole power supply (30$ extra) and now i find out its backordered for 3 weeks last straw I insisted to talk to a supervisor and they connected me to a bob wood. of course SURPRISE!! ! he-s busy and had to leave a message. 4 hours later still no return call. all this for a power cord made in china. guess im off to best buy.!!!!.

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    Man, that stinks! I've gotten to the point where I start taking names from the get-go. When I have an experience like that, I try to remember the words of Mark Twain:

    "Let us be thankful for the fools. But for them the rest of us could not succeed."

    Are you listening, Roland?


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      Well, at least you got the Deluxe Poop instead of the Same Old Sh*t.
      Bad service always sucks. And waiting on a power supply can mean serious down-time. I have had problems and back-orders before, but companies that seem competent and attentive can be forgiven.


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        Hey dude,

        I'm not 100% what type of power supply the HD1 uses but if it's an adapter type (meaning the old "black box with electrical prongs and a wire running to your power input on the unit) it should list teh voltage range and milliamperage. (VAC and mA)

        If it does...take it to Radio Shack or another electronics shop. I'm sure they'll have one that matches that range.

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          E1R is right, Radio Shack has a nice selection of external transformer-type power supplies. Take the old one down and match the transformer, and hopefully they will have an end that works. (If that's the kind you have.) They have a lot of different, um, ends. I found one for an old Casio keyboard there. It was sort of multi-choice switchable with several different ends. But a keyboard might be different than what you've got. I think they're priced in the $20.00 to $30.00 range or so.

          Another possibility is a laptop power supply, but those are a lot more expensive. I bought one from a place called IGo on the web. They have a bunch for different electronic toys like portable DVD players and what not too. They sell you the transformer, cords for an airplane, car and the wall, with 12 or so ends for different toys that take the same voltage. The transformer on those is not switchable. IGo only wants to sell something for a particular model, and I don't know if they would have something for Roland percussion.



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            I have to say that Roland has been cool with me so far. My SPD-S has been randomly re-setting for some reason. I already had it sent to Roland and it did the same thing when I got it back.

            So I took it back to Drum World and it is not re-setting for them. It must be something weird with it being very "sensitive" to my electric in the house or something. Maybe a "slight" power dip makes it do that. None of my other equipment has any problems, weird.

            The Drum World guys are GREAT though and are working to get the problem resolved.

            The Roland Rep was in town yesterday so the guy at Drum World had him contact me directly. He called me from his cell. I called him back and he had another SPD-S with him that was only used by Johnny Rabb for a demo. I don't mind the swap. I have not picked it up yet but hopefully it will not be as "sensitive". Otherwise the SPD-S will be useless to me ii

            I also talked to him briefly about the TDW-20 and he seemed genuinely very excited about it. I cannot wait ii

            EDIT: I did want to add that there is no excuse for your experience. They should know what part is required and not give you the run around.

            I also want to add that you can use any power adapter that is more than 300mA. There is no max in amperage, the device will only draw what it needs. Just never use one that has less. The voltage/polarity has to match exactly though.
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              The 9V DC, 300mA required by the HD-1 should be VERY easy to find on an alternative adapter, e.g.; 9VDC/300mA AC Adapter $15.99 at RadioShack

              (Roland modules use negative center/pole/tip, but that one is adaptable.)



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                thanks bart! being the kit was so new i wanted to get the original power supply for it. i got a call back from roland late the next day and another 22$ later and shipping waved they mysteriously found a power supply and i got the power supply on its way.i really didnt want to get a big ole heavy brick type wall wart power supply. the hd-1 is nice in that it lets you plug into the strip without taking up 3 spaces. now if they would just screw up and send me a td-20 instead of the power cable i would be really MAD!!! yeah right!


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                  I am glad you got the cable, but it is too bad you had to go through that hassle to get it. Happy drumming!


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                    I'm surprised to hear that...I've had great luck with Roland support.