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  • website

    Hey guys, I have a website, its like 300gig d/load, I hardly use it, so if you want a place to put your vids or recordings just pm me..no hooks, no advertising or costs, just a place you can upload your stuff to and place a link to your song/vid so others here can click on the link to hear it.

    I only keep it myself as a place our guys can get the band songs from and to upload our jam nights to. Anyway it's in America and its free, I know nothing about websites so I'll need you to tell me how i give you a password to upload to your folder (that I'll make) on the site using a ftp program, I can't give you mine of course. I did set up the site to sell instructional guitar teaching vids but it became all to hard so I keep it there so ppl can get them free. I hope this isn't looked at as spam, I'm old and bored and luv music. I don't even know if ppl need the space these days anyway. It would only be for older members here and the first 5 people (bandwidth limitations).
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    Guitar vid link

    You mind giving out the guitar vids link for the twangers that come through here?


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      Hey Rocky, not really, it's all a bit embarrassing, maybe in a few months as I get to know ppl. I wanted this to be more about a place for the guys to get there stuff up on the net so we can see/hear them.
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        No worries. Just curious.