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TD-12 or TD-9 and an acoustic kit?

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  • TD-12 or TD-9 and an acoustic kit?

    I just recently joined a band and had my first gig with my td-12. They sounded great and I actually got a few compliments on my kit. But to me...there's nothing more impressive than an sitting behind an acoustic kit. I guess I'm just looking for opinions. I'm still within my 30 day return limit at GC. I'm now wondering if I should return the 12 and get a TD-9 to practice at home and get an acoustic for the live gigs. Or keep the 12 and save for an acoustic. It'll take me a month or two to save but I seem to have this little problem I refer to as "NOW, NOW , NOW!" syndrome. lol. I'm so torn I'd like to get an idea of the pro's and con's with either one.
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    Thats why god created credit lines I like the 9's to practice mind you I never owned the 12
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      if you wanna make a hybrid kit (electronic + acoustic), the td-12 is what you really want. v-edit will let you personnalise everything and it will make it easier for you to match your acoustic set.