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sound coming out of only 1 ear

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  • sound coming out of only 1 ear

    hello all,
    i recently just recieved my td 9s. i bought the adapter for 1/8" jack headphones to 1/4" jack, but sound is only coming out of one of the ears. why is this? are my headphones (bose quite comfort 3) not compatible or something? are they not stereo? i thought they were.

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    Are you sure the adapter is a stereo (tip, ring, and sleeve) adapter? I would suspect that's the source of your problem - either not stereo or defective. If the headphones work with your stereo, they should work with your module.


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      Have you got it plugged into the right port mate. I got a TD6V and the headphones plug straight into the 1/8" Phones socket. No adapter required. The only 1/4" sockets I have are for speakers.

      I had this problem when I first got the kit and found that by pulling the jack out slightly I got stereo. I was informed that it was the cheapo headphones I was using, but Boss, well, not cheapo.


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        yah, i had a mono one, went to the store and got a stereo one. works!! yay


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          Well, shiver me timbers. A problem simple enough for me to solve. Even a blind pig finds an acorn every now and then, ay?


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            "Even a blind pig finds an acorn every now and then, ay?"

            I like that - it goes well with:

            "flash as a rat with a gold tooth"
            "a monkey in silk is a monkey no less"

            boom boom tshhh (that's 2 drums and a cymbal falling over a cliff)



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              One of my favorites is:
              "Even a BROKEN clock is right twice a day..."

              No offense, just joining in on the fun....good call on the adapter, stickinthemud!