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Dumb wrist question

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  • Dumb wrist question

    I am focusing on my stick holding technique. When I play snare and on a practice pad, I keep my thumbs more to the side as shown in several stick holding techniques on the web. However, when I move around the kit, I rotate my wrists to more of a thumbs up angle. Is this proper or should I keep the same wrist angle as playing on the snare. Keeping the same wrist angle just feels "weird". I know I am probably thinking too much into this but I really want to get my technique rock solid early on.


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    Dumb Wrist Angle Question

    Hey, that's not a dumb question at all! I have often wondered the same thing, and that question was addressed by Jack Bennett in one of his DVDs--the basics DVD. He says that it's good technique to move the wrist like you mentioned, because it's easier to move around the kit that way. Otherwise, you have to twist your body to reach the floor tom. He demonstrates the way his wrists move from a germanic or american grip while on the snare to increasing wrist suppination (so that the thumbs are more on top) as he moves around the toms.


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      Thanks foxx. That is what I thought because it just feels natural to roll the thumbs upward but I wanted to make sure.

      I would assume then that rudiments should be practiced in both positions to increase your form, speed, and consistancy when moving around the kit.


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        Dom Famularo has some great instructional vid's regarding the different grips and how to use them...

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