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METALTOWN in Gothenburg, short review...

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  • METALTOWN in Gothenburg, short review...

    The festival was in fact very well organised.in the harbour in gothenburg. the two scenes were easy to find, far enough from each other for sound isolation, not to far to pop over to give a listen to the unsigned bands in the small tent. Plenty of veggie food about, good hyginen facilities, lots of Dibblers marketing their goods....a wide spread in ages to the public, from doddering greybeards like myself down through children of the revolution to punks, goths, and other assorted wild life. Given than gothenburg is 20% ethnic non-white, and Sweden as a whole about 12% it is strange that the metal audience was over 95% white. Yes, I had a lot of time inbetween bands to count. Also to count the hundreds of people sitting on the bridge over the festival and the harbour into town, where people too cheap to buy tickets were picknicking. Bastards...why didnt i think of that...

    Fine weather as well, dry and not too hot, overcast for the most part...

    Best was Finntrollen, folk metal from Finland, and Aman Amarth, swedish viking metal. AA in particular had both good weight in their playing, stage show, and schtick. I think best in the festival. Nightwish was good, but i dont like their new Swedish Singer, unlike Turunen, the opera vocalist they split from, this girl has a pop voice and pop demeanour on stage, talking and acting more like a Eurovision contestant than a metalist. Dimmu Borgir, melodic black metal from norway, played well, but their singer's schtick was annoying - saying '****ing' every third word makes you neither cool nor tough.

    In Flames was the last band, but i skipped it so i could be back home in time to see the rugby. Besides, by that time i had been standing for 10 hours, and was badly sunburned---despite the overcast and the fact i was wearing a bandana...

    Norwegian band Satyricon had been flown in the replace Opeth at the last moment, they were energetic , as were Soilwork. a band i hadnt heard previously. Local band Lillasyster, the warm up band, was not of the same quality as the headline bands, but made up for it with enthusiasm and energy The only unsigned band i listed to was torture division, run of the mill death metal..

    there was also an american old time circus freakshow (bearded lady, wolf people, cyclops, etc), which i skipped...the whole Idea seemed to me tasteless and off-putting.
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