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Renting out TD20 $$?

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  • Renting out TD20 $$?

    Hey everyone,

    I had a recent inquiry from a fellow employee who is interested in renting my TD20 set. He plays guitar in his church band and his drummer is looking into e-drums since their acoustic kit tends to be a little too loud. He is in his 40's and I trust the kit with them.

    My only question is price. They would pick up the set Saturday night and bring the set back Sunday afternoon. In all they would have it for about 24 hours. They would be setting it up Saturday nights and playing it Sunday mornings.

    I would help with the moving of the kit but they would provide transportation (truck).

    What do you all think? I was thinking around $75-$100 for the 24 hours. Is that asking too much or too little? I also am worried about damage to the drums through moving them around so much...


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    That's a good question. I think $100 is fair, especially if you're helping them. I think it's important that you let them know that a portion of that is attributed to the risk/wear factor.

    The second issue is:
    You should probably work up some agreement that says what happens if something gets damaged? Do they replace it? Repair it? give you used/resale value of the broken object or do they split the replacement/repair cost etc. etc.

    Of course you all hope it's a non issue and probably won't be but, if something unforeseen happens, it's good to figure out in advance how the two of you will cooperate to handle it.

    Now if they assume no risk or repair to anything broken, the rental fee goes up to about $500 or whatever value you think makes it worth worrying about your kit for 24 hours

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      $75-100 is probably $75-100 more than he is being paid. He must want to try them out real bad. Maybe he's in a Church that pays their musicians but they are few and far between. Church or not he's liable to tell you you're out of your $%^&! mind. Let us know how it turns out.
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        Very true. However that's good as far as risk goes. You could be a nice guy and charge a lot less (or free for brownie points upstairs) but I would work out some sort of agreement on reimbursement if something happens/breaks and, although a church typically doesn't pay, they shouldn't have a problem replacing something that they broke.

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        Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz, Mahogany; ultra portable 4 piece in custom DIY flame sparkle wrap.


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          Well.. if they're friends...

          I'd say "I come be your drum tech, you buy me dinner/burger/six pack.. If you break it though you replace it or pay for repair."

          Those church drummers probably don't rake in the big bucks like Boingo mentioned.

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            I recently rented my kit for a recording session , 8 hrs for $150 . I took them to the studio and rigged them just beause I didn't want them rigging them .
            Also if they are not familiar with the TD20 you may be there helping them sort thru the kits so figure your time .

            I have did rental for churches allot and just had them cover my expenses , food/gas ect. With todays gas prices and wear and tear I would say $100 would be a good price ( minimum) . Like they mentioned make it clear they are liable for any damages and make sure you save your kits to a CF card.



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              I was just about to mention saving your kits. It would be easy for an inexperienced person to change them.

              Easy Cheapo gig set:
              Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz, Mahogany; ultra portable 4 piece in custom DIY flame sparkle wrap.


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                Thanks $100 and a good agreement between renter and rentee will be what is made. The church actually offered to buy the drummer an electric drumset but they saw the price of the TD20 and said no. He is still looking around for different options. I will let them know $100 for 1 day rental.

                Wish me luck!